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1. A method for separation and determination of cantharidin from the culture of medicinal fungi using capillary gas chromatography was developed. 1
2. Aims To study the influence of cantharidin on the proliferation of xenografts of human pancreatic cancer cell sw1990 in nude mice. 1
3. And the mol of Ca element in Mylabris was lower than that of the bound cantharidin. 1
4. CONCLUSION:MAPK signal transduction pathway participates the proliferation inhibition of cantharidin on A549 cell. 1
5. Conclusions cantharidin has the inhibition effect to the proliferation of human being carcinoma A549 cell. 1
6. Methods MTT assay was used to determine the proliferation inhibition by cantharidin to A549 cell. 1
7. Results cantharidin inhibited the proliferation of A549 cell, and the mechanism of inhibitory action is to make A549 cell cycle hindered at G2/M. 1
8. The beetle contains a caustic acid-like juice called cantharidin. 1
9. The invention relates to the field of cantharidin derivate and successfully synthetizes the norcantharidin dimer derivate by using ethylene diamine as a connecting arm. 1
10. The mixture of chloroform and anisole is used to replace chloroform or acetone with better results in cantharidin abstraction efficiency and reappearance. 1
11. The only problem is that cantharidin is toxic, and the victims are usually women who unwittingly consume the powder in a drink. 1
12. The volume of the chemical may vary depending on the sex, age, mating records and feeding conditions. The cantharidin measure can reach as high as 10% in some sexually matured male beetles. 1
13. These procedures were applied to study the postmortem distribution of cantharidin in poisoned animals. 1
14. Though there are some research reports, no final conclusions about biosynthesis pathway of cantharidin and its distribution in the body of meloid have been achieved yet. 1
15. We select high quality raw materials to produce animal and plant extraction such as cantharidin, Tea polyphenols, ect. 1




cantharidins (plural noun)

  - a toxic fatty substance secreted by blister beetles. It causes blistering and has been used in various traditional remedies including Spanish fly.See Spanish fly.


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