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1. A series of bracts subtending and resembling a calyx, as in the carnation and hibiscus. 1
2. A series of qualitative experiment of roselle calyx red pigment was done so that the chemical structure of the pigment was appraised preliminarily. 1
3. Any of several Eurasian plants of the genus Leonurus, especially L. cardiaca, a weed having clusters of small purple or pink flowers and spine-tipped calyx lobes. 1
4. Bracts lanceolate to broadly lanceolate, apex long acuminate, shorter than calyx. Corolla tube without hairy annulus inside. 1
5. Diabetic Nephropathy ( DN ) is the pathological changes of glomerulus, calyx and renel vessel result from diabetes. 1
6. Each has a central body, the calyx, rising from a stem like the seed-head of a poppy. 1
7. Flowers are white; after flowering, the fruit is quite covered by the broadened calyx. 1
8. Food grooves in the arms channel the food to the mouth, which lies in the centre of the calyx. 1
9. Fruit ovoid, 2 - 2.5 cm long, persistent calyx 1 - 1.3 cm long. 1
10. Gallygaskins A single primrose with a distorted and swollen calyx. 1
11. Increasing in size after flowering, as the calyx of the ground cherry. 1
12. Leaves 3–5-foliolate, abaxially tomentose, glabrescent , subglabrous when old. Branchlets, petioles, pedicel, and abaxial surface of calyx with sparse, glandular hairs. 1
13. Leptothrium , while the indumentum of calyx margins is various and can not be used to distinguish the species. 1
14. Objective To study the chemical constituents of calyx Kaki. 1
15. Pantaloon Rather like a Jackanapes, but with the colour in the calyx running around the edge like a frill. 1
16. Pedicel and calyx hispid; flowers solitary or 2 or 3 together in short raceme. 1
17. Roselle calyx red pigment extracting liquid was enzymolysised by pectinase to improve extracting technology so that the pigment extraction rate was increased. 1
18. Stem, calyx, and arms are all made of calcite plates. 1
19. Stomatal density and stomatal index on upper epidermis of petal, bract and calyx were smaller than those on lower surface. 1
20. Taking fig and Roselle calyx as materials , the fig and Roselle calyx cake was produced with the complex gel. 2
21. The five-fold symmetry is often hard to detect in the calyx as a whole, although five food grooves are usually developed. 1
22. The floral examples include a large lotus calyx and two ivy leaves joined by a slight fillet. 1
23. The floral nectary in Litchi chinensis is a disc nectary located between calyx and ovary on receptacle. 1
24. The inheritance of eggplant fruit calyx color is controlled by two additive-dominant-epistatic major gene additive-dominant-epistatic polygene model(E-0 Modle) . 1
25. The natural calyx pigment of Physalis alkekengi was extracted with several different reagents and its physical andchemical characters were studied. 1
26. The results showed that stomata distributed in upper and lower epidermis of petal, bract and calyx. 1
27. The tomatillo is covered with a thin membrane, or calyx, that is a brownish orange color with purple veins. 1
28. The tomatillo is covered with a thin membrane, or calyx, that is a brownish orange color with purple veins.This website 1
29. Their calyx tube is dark red and hairy and has a spherical protuberance, their blooming is also the sign for coming cherry blossom activities. 1
30. Their collective name is the calyx. 1

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