Butter Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use butter, so you can learn how to use butter in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word butter here, and see the words sound like or similar to butter

# Sentence Times
1. “Everything is a little weird and crazy, ” Mr. Butterfield said as he showed off the game at the company’s office here. 0
2. " There you are — like a knife through butter,(This website/shovel.html)'said the demonstrator as the powered shovel swung back with its load. 1
3. " There you are — like a knife through butter,'said the demonstrator as the powered shovel swung back with its load. 1
4. "Don't disillusion me, " said Kath, chewing buttered toast more greedily than genteelly. 1
5. "How Krishna Stole the Butter" and the life of the Buddha lead into the Chinese and Japanese legend "The Oxherd and the Weaving Maiden" and the changeling Halloween tale from the west of Ireland. 0
6. "I need to eat more, "he said to himself, "so that my wings are stong enough to fly when i'm a butterfly. 1
7. "Moony" creates a mystic space by using a steam screens with organic variations and interactive butterfly images. 1
8. "Scientist Steven Reppert, who led the research, said: "We have shown the need for the circadian clock for monarch butterfly migration. 1
9. "The sun was butterscotch yellow," Lana recalled. 1
10. "Why is organic peanut butter better than Jif?" said Ms. Devlin-Sample, a nurse practitioner from Pelham, N.Y. 1
11. "With the buttery crunch of a sophisticated shortbread, these are dangerously addictive, " says Apartment Therapy. 1
12. A bewhiskered face, here magnified 15 times, belies the beauty of a nymphalid butterfly. 1
13. A boiled egg and two slices of buttered bread had been laid out at his place at the table. 1
14. A bouquet of concentrated citrus and stone fruit characters , with a hint of butterscotch. 1
15. A brightly colored butterfly ( Argynnis aphrodite ) of North America. 1
16. A brilliant blur as it plucks a butterfly from the air, the European bee-eater leads a colorful life on three continents. 1
17. A British historian, Herbert Butterfield, called this the “absolute predicament and irreducible dilemma”. 0
18. A butterfly emerged in its full splendor a week later. 1
19. A butterfly emerged in its full splendour a week later. 1
20. A butterfly is produced by metamorphosis from a caterpillar. 1
21. A butterfly must not be confused with a moth. 1
22. A butterfly pupa, hanging from a twig, begins to shake. 1
23. A butterfly rests on a leaf at the National Institute of Biodiversity (INBio) in Santo Domingo de Heredia. 1
24. A butterfly was flapping around the wheelbarrow looking for a fragrance to match the colour of that great metallic flower. 1
25. A butterfly wing has a dynamically changing structure that allows myriad responses to its own induced wing vortices. 1
26. A butterfly would have exerted more pressure alighting on a flower petal. 1
27. A catalogue containing useful equipment for breeding butterflies is available from Worldwide butterflies. 2
28. A caterpillar is the larva of a butterfly. 1
29. A caterpillar must pass through the cocoon stage to become a butterfly. 1
30. A caterpillar transforms into a butterfly. 1

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