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# Sentence Times
1. 'And now we have done, Sydney, fill a bumper of punch ,'said Mr. Stryver. 1
2. A battered and burned work basket projects low down in front like a bumper. 1
3. A bumper crop remunerated the peasant for his labour. 1
4. A bumper harvest is in sight. 1
5. A bumper sticker, "Be Your Own Goddess, " broadcast public self-affirmation with a feminist twist. 1
6. A bumper wheat harvest is anticipated this year. 1
7. A couple of months later I had some bumper stickers printed up. 1
8. A deep aero-channel from the windscreen to the rear deck improves air flow to the rear wing and new lip spoiler, while new bumper spill plates aid the exit of air from under the body. 1
9. A different introducer technique with endoscopically controlled gastropexy is available avoiding oropharyngeal passage with the internal bumper. 1
10. A pickup truck backs slowly out of a space and taps the bumper of a nearby minivan. 1
11. Almost immediately, Sprague tags a braking Rezendes in the rear bumper, nearly sending Rezendes into a 180-degree spin. 1
12. Although the Longhorn Cowfish tends to look like a hovercraft when it's moving along, it's not quite as fun as the bumper Car-esque exterior it tends to exude. 1
13. And in a carrier bag, cunningly at the back of a cupboard, a bumper harvest of old newspapers. 1
14. Another argument is that the planned £250,000 prize fund guarantees the players, as well as administrators, a bumper tournament. 1
15. Apple trees were straining beneath the weight of a bumper crop of what looked like Cox's orange pippins. 1
16. Apple trees were straining beneath the weight of a bumper crop of what looked like Cox's orange pippins. This website 1
17. Armed with his bumper Fun Book, the minister of Dunlop joked his way around the world at various functions. 1
18. As a result of several bumper harvests, the country now has a grain surplus. 1
19. BMO's Bachman said the bumper giveaway would have "a very small financial impact" of less than 2 cents a share. 1
20. Both rackets have a synthetic protective bumper guard and both come in two colourways. 1
21. But it will be a question of how many people are satisfied with a black bumper on their phone versus how many people want to personalise it. 1
22. But nose to bumper she followed Lucy's city runabout and it was fine. 1
23. By eight o'clock the traffic was bumper to bumper. 2
24. Can effectively prevent dashboards, leather products, tires and bumper fades, aging, cracked, corrugate, etc. 1
25. Car and SUV bumpers underride and override each other in low - speed collisions, contributing to costly damage. 1
26. Changes include a more imposing bumper and a new radiator grille with wider and bigger chevrons. 1
27. Crazy bumper car is a very fun fun cute game, games, creative and unique, everyone Come join the bumper car park it . 2
28. Dad picked me up and put me on the bumper of the Ford. 1
29. Don't count on the bumper to hold up during a low-speed collision. And that fender-bender could be costly. 1
30. Due to the motion study of workers working on a real manufacturing process of bumper, the ergonomics was used to design new equipments in order to optimize workers' operating motion. 1

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