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# Sentence Times
1. (The chess computer example comes up a lot because that was the original problem the Dreyfus brothers chose to explore with artificial intelligence, and Deeper Blue beating Garry Kasparov ). 1
2. (Verse 24.) Why did they have indignation against the two brothers? 1
3. 'John can't come.' 'What a shame,' my brother said sarcastically. 1
4. 'She's just a soppy girl,(This website/youngest.html)' said her youngest brother. 1
5. 'She's just a soppy girl,' said her youngest brother. 1
6. 'You will have heard rumours of the existence of the Brotherhood. 0
7. " And that's Big brother on the hu chin .'she again concentrated on the concluding performance. 1
8. " Aren't you afraid, Third brother ? " Chueh - min asked fretfully. " You seem quite happy. 1
9. " I was talking to Second brother,'snapped Shu - hua . " Who asked you to butt in? " 1
10. " Isn't his family name Bai? How can he be your brother? " 1
11. " Nuaym replied: "Your cousin and brother in law Said ibn Zed and your sister, Fatimah, have both followed Muhammad and become Muslims. 1
12. " Nuaym replied: "Your cousin and brother in law Said ibn Zed and your sister, Fatimah,(This website/zed.html) have both followed Muhammad and become Muslims. 1
13. " On the forehead, like a good brother,'she answered demurely. 1
14. " The brothers were waiting in a room down - stairs, impatient to ride away. 1
15. " The wife of your father's brother " is a circumlocution for " your aunt ". 1
16. " This is brother John's writing,' said Sally, contentedly, as she opened the letter. 1
17. " We will, " the brothers replied in unison. 1
18. "At a time when it seems that any news is bad news for the greenback, today's data will not help much, " analysts at Brown Brothers Harriman said in a note. 0
19. "At this point, they're (central banks) not trying to reverse it," said Win Thin, senior currency strategist at Brown Brothers Harriman in New York. 0
20. "Cui two Kua son way:"Military adviser says to see western medicine, we don't understand as well, UGG Classic Tall, make the An take the brotherses to literally take a walk everywhere. 1
21. "Dinosaur" is a humorous action movies, which mainly tells a called Allah dale"s small iguanodon adventure course, it consists of a group of lemurs, eventually raised to his brothers and sisters side. 1
22. "Drat the woman, she did tell the truth, " he complained to his brother Orion in an 1861 letter, after telling him that the medium had placed all blame on the mother. 1
23. "El Magnifico" shows why artists such as the Chemical Brothers cite The Young Gods as a major influence. 0
24. "He's a very accessible guy, and both he and his brother Mafat have been very active philanthropically, " said Colleen Taylor Sen, author of Food Culture in India, who lives nearby. 1
25. "How to Get Rid of Cellulite" is his first collaboration with Warner Brothers and will not disappoint fans of his earlier work, with its risque dialogue and funny songs. 0
26. "I have two" means two brothers, it should be Liandu from "bluebottle" point of view, it will not ambiguous. 1
27. "I wish I had a little brother," said Daphne wistfully. 1
28. "If growth is slowing, yields are likely to fall, so people want to lock in higher yields now," said Marc Chandler, senior currency strategist at Brown Brothers Harriman in New York. 0
29. "In a nascent market recovery, it has historically been the case that small-caps outperform their large-cap brothers," he said. 1
30. "It's disappointing," said John Beiers, a lawyer for San Mateo County, part of the bondholder group which had about $155 million in taxpayer money invested in Lehman Brothers bonds. 0




brothers (plural noun) · brotha (noun) · brutha (noun) · brethren (plural noun)

  - a man or boy in relation to other sons and daughters of his parents.


  - used to express annoyance or surprise.


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