Brawn Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use brawn, so you can learn how to use brawn in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word brawn here, and see the words sound like or similar to brawn

# Sentence Times
1. "It reminded me of betting on a number in the casino, " brawn third driver Alex Wurz told ORF . 1
2. A brawny blacksmith made a reach for him. 1
3. A brawny warrior is just fine in the heavy plate armor with a big bag of loot over his shoulder while a slender mage will be more concerned with the lighter pieces of treasure. 1
4. A brawny, brown-faced old man looks as though his face has been squashed by a rock. 1
5. A really strong player is not just brawn but no brain. 1
6. A tall, brawny woodsman stood leaning against a tree whichupon the bank of the river. 1
7. A wanton woman prefers brawn to brains. 1
8. All night he parades up and down the bar like a brawny old cockerel. 1
9. As Michael travelled agonisingly slow down the pit lane, brawn watched for Hakkinen to come from the chicane and seize the lead. 1
10. Brain does not exclude brawn; displays of explosive strength can be followed by periods of cerebral calm. 0
11. Chela sufficient asymmetry, brawnier, the 4th pair of conditions are sufficient compressed be like an oar, comfortable at swimming. 1
12. Do you like your boyfriend brawny or brainy? 1
13. Enchant Bracer - brawn : Permanently enchants bracers to increase Strength by 12. 1
14. Fat and muscle, for example, respond differently to shifts in diet, so the same intake will have one effect on a podgy person and another on a brawny one. 1
15. Football players are known more for their brawn than their brains. 1
16. Football requires brain as well as brawn. 1
17. Gammage was the brains, and Seals was the brawn. 1
18. He had a football player's physique: big head, thick neck, brawny shoulders, and heavy legs. 1
19. He was a big brawny man with huge hands. 1
20. He was a great brawny brute of a man. 1
21. He was big and brawny with soulless eyes. 1
22. He's a brawny Highland lad from one of the nearby villages, one of Andy's drinking partners. 1
23. He's got more brawn than brains. 1
24. He's got plenty of brains as well as brawn. 1
25. Here two brawny policemen got up beside him on the platform -- one on either hand. 1
26. His brawny arms are very strong. 1
27. His brawny arms glistened with sweat. 1
28. His five tall brothers gave him good-by with admiring but slightly patronizing smiles, for Gerald was the baby and the little one of a brawny family. 1
29. His five tall brothers gave him good-by with admiring but slightly patronizing smiles, for Gerald was the baby and the little one of a brawny family.Sentencedict 1
30. His quick wits compensate for his lack of brawn. 1

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