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# Sentence Times
1. " brace up,' said Rhett, and there was a hard , faintly jeering note in his voice. 1
2. " Come on,'said Drouet. " brace up. 1
3. " Here's his bracelet and his silver chain and medallion. 1
4. " Well , you're a chump for being afraid,'said Drouet. " Come on now, brace up. 1
5. "Overall, this is as clear a signal as we could have expected that the MPC is braced to cut Bank Rate soon and in size, " Walker said. 1
6. "Overall, this is as clear a signal as we could have expected that the MPC is braced to cut Bank Rate soon and in size,(This website/bank rate.html) " Walker said. 1
7. A 30-PERCENT DROP: Yu Ping Wei's coral necklace and shell bracelet sales to foreign customers have fallen since July. 1
8. A brace of homeboys in headbands and the Count of Monte Cristo. 1
9. A brace of partridge whirred into the air. 1
10. A brace of tame deer ran familiarly about the house. 1
11. a chunky gold bracelet. 1
12. A compound statement , usually referred to as a block , is a (possibly empty) sequence of statements surrounded by a pair of curly braces . 1
13. A dentist was summoned to the make-up trailer to fix the star's chip, though on camera it will be guest orthodontist Kathy Najimy extricating Betty from her stuck braces. 1
14. A dozen suited men were fastening the edges of the insulator to the brace of the frame. 1
15. A girl pulling swedes in a field senses the shadow of parachutes and gapes up, knees braced and hair tangling. 1
16. A gold bracelet dangled from his left wrist. 1
17. A good watch on a strap is better than a so-so watch on a bracelet at the same price. 1
18. A guy came up on the bow and propped his elbows on the steel ledge to brace his large binoculars. 1
19. A knee brace having a femur support section pivotally connected to a tibia support section is provided. 1
20. A new way of exchange between rotation and reciprocating motion through planetary driving was introduced, which was different from the one realized by piton pump moving with cam, brace and link. 1
21. A silver bracelet with some intricate scrollwork . clung to his right wrist. 1
22. A student who wears braces on his teeth is obviously under the care of an orthodontist. 1
23. A valet was buttoning behind him some fine-looking , new , silk - embroidered braces, which for some reason attracted Rostov's notice. 1
24. Above Tabitha and Marco the Twins hung from the cables in elegant nautical positions, feet braced in the netting. 1
25. After six weeks at Promises in Malibu, the 21-year-old checked out of the facility but will voluntarily wear an alcohol-detecting ankle bracelet as part of an outpatient program. 1
26. Alan Anderson pulled over to brace himself for the big-city traffic ahead. 1
27. Alcazar enters the ring with his hands taped past the wrists and braces on his elbows. 1
28. Alex braced his arms and pushed the car out of the road. 1
29. All the bridesmaids carried posies of spring flowers, and wore antique pearl and gold necklaces and bracelets. 1
30. All the tensed heads came up hopefully, all the too quiescent bodies braced, all the wary eyes gleamed. 1

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