Boycott Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A boycott of classes also began in support of the hunger strikers. 1
2. A boycott of/against goods from the EU began in June. 1
3. A further round of voting was then ordered, and the opposition boycotted it. 1
4. A school pupil boycott had also been in operation since the beginning of the year. 1
5. A spokesman says the president has backed off from his threat to boycott the conference. 1
6. A TRAFFIC calming scheme on a Darlington estate has been modified after bus companies threatened to boycott the area. 1
7. According to the report the majority of parties had indicated that they would boycott the election. 1
8. After anti-American boycott broke out in China in late 1905, American Asiatic Association, lobbied futilely for the Foster Bill's passage in Congress. 1
9. All major opposition parties boycotted local elections in November 1990 because they believed that the results would be rigged. 1
10. Americans boycotted brie cheese and Bordeaux wine. 1
11. And activists are trying to persuade outraged cetaceaphiles to boycott Icelandic goods and holidays. 1
12. And I assume , Chandler, you are still boycotting all the pilgrim holidays. 1
13. Angry taxi drivers responded by boycotting a planned workshop on treating customers courteously. 1
14. Animal rights groups have called for a tourism boycott in protest against the plan. 1
15. As Kerr fled towards the exit, boycott collared him at the ticket barrier. 1
16. As little girls returned covered in dust and mud a parental boycott developed. 1
17. As peace talks begin in Libya, expect arm-twisting, boycotts and confusion but little progress towards peace. 1
18. At Insein in Yangon, troops were brought in when 400 monks extended the boycott beyond the Oct. 20 deadline. 1
19. Attempts to organize boycotts of contributions by employers of servants were apparently unsuccessful. 1
20. Bai Yansong, anchorman with China Central Television , said he opposed the boycott. 1
21. Basically, sanctions are a government-led boycott against another government. 1
22. Both Ozawa and Hata expressed their disapproval of the choice by boycotting occasion of the announcement of Obuchi's selection. 1
23. Boycott Carrefour, is not boycott Chinese, but is an attitude, the way to show how dissatisfaction! 1
24. By'disruption'we assume Smith means Aussie's boycotting and moving over to competitors. 1
25. Comments on the story on Sina range from calling for a travel boycott to demanding the Philippines to announce a national mourning with flags flying half-mast. 1
26. Congress delegates from South Ossetia and from the autonomous republic of Abkhazia boycotted the voting. 1
27. Court officials said Gorby, former leader of the collapsed Soviet Union, had no special rights to boycott the trial. 1
28. Dubbed the "sky-high priced meal", the revelation has enraged the public and led to calls for a boycott and an audit of the society's expenditures. 1
29. Earlier in the summer people's imaginations had been fired by a lone consumer's successful Facebook-driven countrywide boycott of cottage cheese which, thanks to a cartel, was exorbitantly expensive. 1
30. Economic sanctions, the cultural and sporting boycotts, and diplomatic isolation must be maintained and intensified. 1

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