Boundaries Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use boundaries, so you can learn how to use boundaries in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word boundaries here, and see the words sound like or similar to boundaries

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1. "These systems are designed to operate only within certain boundaries," says Bernie Meyerson, of IBM's systems and technology group. "They don't go off into the weeds." 1
2. A boundary extension would require new electoral boundaries and these could not easily be adjusted soas to retain Unionist minority control. 1
3. A brilliant word-processor proving shareware can push back the boundaries of software value for money. 1
4. A convex domain is approached by a convex polygon, and the approximated temperature distribution within the domain can be interpolated with the temperature data at the boundaries of the domain. 1
5. A disagreement about boundaries is at the heart of the dispute. 1
6. A major cause of ambiguity is the lack of acoustic cues to word boundaries. 1
7. A network is a distributed thing without a center of control, and with few clear boundaries. 1
8. Acquired September 15, 2010, this natural-color image shows floodwaters extending beyond the lake's normal boundaries where the water body nears the Indus River. 1
9. Across boundaries of North and South, Methodists were supposed to be united and interconnected through their Discipline. 1
10. After the spring floods, the need arose to restore the obscured boundaries of the annually submerged fields. 1
11. All matter in the universe is encased in a spherical shell with clearly circumscribed boundaries. 1
12. All our limitations are bound up in our intellectual mind with its boundaries and imperfections and its tendency to emotional distortion. 1
13. All the associated grave goods belonged to the fourth century, the cemetery itself overlying earlier field boundaries and enclosures. 1
14. All the mural fountains were built on the boundaries of properties belonging to the Pease family. 1
15. All this means that while there's certainly upper-level sympathy and support for labour in the current leadership, it's mostly within the boundaries of the existing trade union structure. 1
16. Almost always the crossing of boundaries between the sexes occurred during ecstatic rites involving loud music and wild dancing processions. 1
17. Almost every work that is premiered seems to push out the boundaries of the form a little farther. 1
18. Also known as the Pinwheel Galaxy, M101 lies within the boundaries of the northern constellation Ursa Major, about 25 million light-years away. 1
19. Although organised on a departmental basis, postgraduate study within the Faculty is not confined to disciplinary boundaries. 1
20. Although within the boundaries of the novel, this idea is entirely feasible. 1
21. An enactment which threatened the essential elements of any plausible conception of democratic government would lie beyond those boundaries. 1
22. An inverse method for the calculation of stability boundaries is also discussed. 1
23. An optical fiber is actually a tiny wave guide which supports optical frequency waves using the principles of total internal reflection at the boundaries of the fiber. 1
24. And even if the defence took militant forms, its boundaries were defined by extant relations of production. 1
25. And even if the defence took militant forms, its boundaries were defined by extant relations of production.This website/extant.html 1
26. And even then, the content and boundaries of the offensive behaviour are matters of administrative discretion. 1
27. And it has always been the men who have set the boundaries and enforced them. 1
28. And still others suggest enterprises should start with initiatives that cut across existing organizational boundaries. 1
29. And such error can not the calculation method ameliorated the truncation technology of boundaries was employed. 1
30. And two Darlington guest house owners called on the council to narrow the boundaries for inclusion to eight miles instead of 20. 1

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