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1. "She left me with more than I left her, " he said once to a boozy riverboat pilot in a place called McElroy's Bar, somewhere in the Amazon basin. 1
2. A couple of boozy revellers dropped their trousers. 1
3. A good butler knows just how to rouse one after a boozy night and now anyone can wake feeling pampered to the indulgent tones of the consummate valet. 1
4. And it is neither too boozy nor chocolatey. 1
5. Ask any contact-lens wearer who has woken from a boozy night out to find their eyelids gummed up and lenses screaming to be removed from bloodshot eyes. 1
6. Britain is the most boozy nation in the world, with more people drinking – and more regularly – than any other country, says a survey Tuesday, the Daily Mail of London reported. 1
7. By all appearances, he was one of life's chronic losers, a boozy 51-year-old semi-educated petty criminal who had spent a substantial portion of his life behind bars. 1
8. He looked at her with a kind of boozy jollity. 1
9. I heard on the radio the other day that the origin of the phrase “drunk as a lord” came from a time when the aristocracy were the ones with the time and money to get boozy. 1
10. I took him out for a boozy lunch, and in the end he admitted he'd made the whole thing up. 1
11. Ingmar's large, boozy face was red with rage. 1
12. Long boozy nights around the fire! 1
13. Lots of cherries and other fruit and good boozy flavour - a cross between Christmas cake and pudding. 1
14. Many were surprised by Williams's appearance, which was simian and scarlet-faced, slightly boozy. 1
15. McGregor is the journo, never named: cynical, boozy and miserable in the classical manner. 1
16. My bladder sings a searing boozy aria, and my brain thinks of nothing but that release catch. 1
17. My bladder sings a searing boozy aria,(Sentencedict) and my brain thinks of nothing but that release catch. 1
18. My boyfriend and I got together at the end of a boozy New Year's Eve party three years ago. 1
19. On the first and third of every month, the place is packed with old men getting their boozy fixes. 1
20. Sake and shochu, traditional Japanese drinks that were once derided as old-fashioned and the tipple of boozy middle-aged men, are enjoying a boom among trendy young drinkers. 1
21. She's going for a boozy night out with her friends. 1
22. The all-night costume balls, boozy dinners and back-room business deals are things of legend in this city once known as the Paris of the Orient. 1
23. The artists Gilbert and George spent nearly a tenth of the Tate Gallery's annual entertainment budget during a single boozy 1970s lunch with curators, archive material shows. 1
24. The boozy cook got the trots after a late night meal of undercooked seafood washed down by lashings of wine. 1
25. The boozy ones, similarly, are intended for a grown-up palate and have enough alcohol in them to serve as an aperitif (try the mojito) or afternoon attitude adjuster. 1
26. The critics held him in high esteem as an actor, and the fans adored him for his outrageous and boozy personality. 1
27. The dangers of China's boozy cadre culture are back in the spotlight after one official died and another fell into a coma in separate incidents last week. 1
28. The demise of the boozy lunch is one more sign of the U. S. influence, which pervades Mexico's middle-class. 1
29. The incredible shapes and colours of the boozy artwork are highlighted by shining natural light on top and through the bottom of the slide. 1
30. The rituals of Chinese business -- backdoor deals and late, boozy nights at karaoke bars -- made him feel like his life was 'polluted,' he says. 1

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