Bootleg Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. Al Capone and bootleggers filled the vacuum: bathtub spirits, peepholes in the door, Joe-sent-me. 1
2. And bootleg sales were never substantial enough to hurt the regular sales of an artist, he says. 1
3. Avid Bob Dylan fans treasure bootlegged recordings. 1
4. Because of the unreliability of the electricity, business is good for those selling generators, bootleg gasoline and LED lamps, which is what the man on the left is holding. 1
5. Bootleg Movie Download: Are bootleg Movie Downloads Really Worth It? 1
6. But the island that in the prohibition years after 1920 profitably ran the rum trade is well placed for bootlegging cocaine. 1
7. But we all make concessions to age and physical erosion, so Young remained fully clothed on his naked bootleg. 1
8. But we all make concessions to age and physical erosion,(This website/clothed.html) so Young remained fully clothed on his naked bootleg. 1
9. China bootlegging to a whole new level with this gadget. 1
10. Coupled with high demand, tobacco criminalisation drove up its price, which led to an explosion of tobacco bootleggery that continues to the present day. 1
11. Gangsters, bootleggers, numbers-runners, and a great many entertainers owned teams. 1
12. He bootlegged for years before anyone noticed. 1
13. He bootlegged whiskey, pumped gas, worked in a steel mill handling hot wire, stole hubcaps. 1
14. He bootlegged,sold drugs and shoplifted to make ends meet. 1
15. He has sued a fan for bootlegging his concerts. 1
16. He tried bring a suit against the company that bootleg copy of his concert. 1
17. He wanted to run bootleg whisky to the border, and get into the big time. 1
18. If you bootleg a movie, you are a criminal. 1
19. Justlikecounterfeit DVDs , there are attempts to knock off U.S. brandsofconsumer products with bootleg versions, he said. 1
20. Later the Colonel bought me a bottle of bootleg liquor from some gypsies. 1
21. Later they bring the old man a gift, boxes of bootleg liquor. 1
22. Lee went on a recruiting trip that had aspects of a rock-and-roll tour, with students actually bootlegging counterfeit tickets. 1
23. Like most country bootleggers, Sam bottled his moonshine in canning jars. 1
24. Metaphor is no mere tourist in a foreign land, it is a bootlegger. 1
25. Mr. Hong was more than a simple distributor of bootleg software. 1
26. My father thought the sentence unjust because he had only agreed to buy a few bottles of bootleg whisky. 1
27. Not a necessary social misdemeanor, as most bootlegging was contemporaneously regarded, but a high crime in any age. 1
28. Our bootleggers have manicures and our farmers have mortgages. 1
29. Police seized 30,000 bootleg tapes in a raid last night in Brooklyn. 1
30. Psion's approach is to turn out software as cheaply as possible, making it uneconomical to bootleg copies. 1

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