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# Sentence Times
1. 'I won't do it!'she informed him bluntly. 1
2. 'You're drunk,' she said bluntly. 1
3. "No, you're not, " Graham replied bluntly. 1
4. But can we speak so bluntly in front of the poor man! 1
5. Czech person is in this respect most adventure, the person of 65% admits he ever had had unreliability action with new partner bluntly. 1
6. Everton, to put it bluntly, are in dire straits. 1
7. Fiat's Sergio Marchionne had spoken too bluntly about the need to cut capacity in Europe, and RHJ was portrayed as a vulture investor. 1
8. Food on some all-inclusive packages can, to put it bluntly, be mediocre. 1
9. He doesn't, to put it very bluntly, give a damn about the woman or the baby. 1
10. He is a forthright person and always talks bluntly. 1
11. He said bluntly that he was a great advocate of a proper observance of status and rank. 1
12. However, only a few instructors I've seen tell their students bluntly about their capabilities and prevent them from overestimation. 1
13. I contend, quite bluntly, that marking a book is not an act of mutilation but love. 1
14. I'm a bit of a boor, so I hope you won't mind if I speak bluntly. 1
15. In the bookstore, while we were voraciously reading a book, a shop assistant stepped up to us and asked bluntly whether we intended to buy it or not. 1
16. It was a lame excuse, and I bluntly told him that he owed it to posterity to relate his story. 1
17. Lord Beaverbrook, to put it bluntly, played hell with the war policy of the R.A.F. 1
18. Lord Beaverbrook, to put it bluntly,(Sentencedict) played hell with the war policy of the R.A.F. 1
19. Many in the military, more bluntly, have a stereotype of gays as mincing, epicene "others" —a cartoon image which, the Pentagon survey shows, overwhelmingly evaporates on personal acquaintance. 1
20. Maybe I delivered my opinion more bluntly than I should have, but I had always been candid with Ted. 1
21. Mr. Obama bluntly accused China of undervaluing its currency and offered the customary pleasantry — "It is wonderful to see you again" — in his meeting with Mr. Hu. 1
22. Nicosia, not a veteran himself, clearly admires the tough-minded, bluntly articulate activists who laid bare their pasts for him. 1
23. On Monday she bluntly rejected a temporary ceasefire offer by the rebels, which would have allowed the government troops to withdraw. 1
24. Others put it more bluntly: " an armed society is a polite society ". 0
25. Perhaps she ought not to have spoken so bluntly, even though he was asking for it. 1
26. Put bluntly, the Lexus has the smoothest and most refined drivetrain in existence. 1
27. Put bluntly, to be identified positively, homosexuality usually has to be dissolved into the androgynous. 1
28. Put bluntly, while achievement has improved, there is no cause for mass rejoicing. 1
29. Rather and rather blew a whistle, once leaf Wei record a knife eye to jilt in the past, the small milk pack smiled bluntly her to peep out grace again powder to delicately smile. 1
30. She says bluntly what she thinks about landowners, the Royal Family, social injustice and access to the hills. 1





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