Bloom Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use bloom, so you can learn how to use bloom in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word bloom here, and see the words sound like or similar to bloom

# Sentence Times
1. shaped ; erect flowers and stems , thin stiff branches, tiny pointed leaves in yellowish green, much bloomed, earlier inflorescence. 1
2. "There has been a significant increase in interest (from Greeks)," said Australian ambassador to Athens Jenny Bloomfield, herself the descendant of Greek migrants. 0
3. "There's a global epidemic of obesity," said Richard DiMarchi, chair of the chemistry department at Indiana University in Bloomington and the study's lead researcher. 0
4. A automatic position control system (APC) imported from Hitachi Co. Ltd Japan is analysed in this paper, which is now being used in the blooming mill of Baoshan Iron and Steel Works. 1
5. A bee in her butt, a burr in her bloomers. 1
6. A bicyclist rides past cherry trees in bloom next to the Tidal Basin. 1
7. A blithe heart makes a blooming visage.  1
8. A blithe heart makes a blooming visage. 1
9. A bloom continuous Casting machine main cast quality steel and alloy steel, such as heavy rail steel, hard-line steel, spring steel, bearing steel, alloy structural steel, and other key species. 1
10. a bloomy sunlit slope. 1
11. A cycle ride, walk or swim at least three times a week will boost your circulation and help maintain a healthy bloom. 1
12. A few hours later, Bloomberg pulled the obit and issued a brief retraction. 0
13. A further characteristic to aid a correct diagnosis is a marked shortening of the bloom stalks. 1
14. A happy heart makes a blooming visage.  1
15. A rainbow arcs over trees blooming on a hillside in the West Indies island of Dominica. 1
16. A rich, moist soil and an open situation he considered ideal for producing the best blooms. 1
17. A rose bloom, a shrinking violet. 1
18. A rose in bloom, a shrinking violet? 1
19. A rose in full bloom had been allowed to grow unchecked up one of the walls. 1
20. A scarlet banksia blooms like fireworks in Australia's southwest. 1
21. A scheme is to be implemented whereby the blooms will be held offshore by a series of floating barriers. 1
22. A ship in sail, a blooming flower, a town at night, a lovely poem. 1
23. A source close to Bloomsbury, the publisher of the Harry Potter novels, said the company was also keen to adapt literary works to the new technology. 0
24. A stream of complaints to Bloomsbury House led to the sacking of the more objectionable roughnecks. 0
25. A variety of protective casting process have been developed for decreasing defect on killed steel bloom sur-face . 1
26. A Victorian hand painted pottery oil-lamp, without a shade, attracted some enthusiastic bidding at Bloomfields to sell at £510. 0
27. A watched flower never blooms, but an untended willow grows. 1
28. A young boa constrictor bides its time on another bloom; the snake cares little for Ochroma nectar but wouldn't pass up a meal of hummingbird. 0
29. About 500 million pounds of existing loans are in the form of a revolving line of credit for working capital, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. 0
30. About frangipani blooms and crescent moons. 1

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