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# Sentence Times
1. 'Most of the times, you'll find in a snuff box or bulky clock, where the blocky form is dictated by the function, ' says Mr. Bacs. 1
2. " We want to visit a relative who lives a few blocks beyond here, " Chueh - hsin replied courteously. 1
3. " Why, you -- you must be the famous Captain Butler we've been hearing so much about -- the blockade runner. 1
4. "A fast appreciation will block the effective flow of resources, causing serious social and economic problems and even dragging down growth," he said. 1
5. "I get aggravated by advertising during the flight, " says Memphis-based frequent flier Trey block, the chief financial officer of a chemical distribution company. 1
6. "Ningbo Radio and Television Group blocked Hunan Satellite TV" had aroused strong repercussions in the community, and even developed into a "public issue". 1
7. "North America's festering sore of what do with its homeless and disenfranchised is crystallized in a few short blocks, " The Sunday Times of Australia wrote. 1
8. "Our method allowed us to look at the consequences of removing senescent cells at different stages of the mouse life cycle, " van Deursen says. "We didn't just block senescence altogether." 1
9. "Thank God they were blocked from coming inside, " says Evgeny Minchenko, a Kremlin-connected spin doctor who was staying at the St. George. 1
10. "The overlapping of block surface and the interlaced sense of space" of the works, as well as the visual impact of simple but moving colors, constitute a lively cantilena with unique Chinese charm. 1
11. "The police will try to stop us, but we will try to break the blockade in strictly non-violent ways, " said Peter Polder, a 34-year-old Dutch green activist and member of Climate Justice Action. 1
12. "The website is blocked because the information is both unprovable and sensitive," Shi said. 1
13. "The Whipping Block" has never been published, but it's supposed to be a really good poem. 0
14. "There must be guarantees to ensure Israel will not breach this package, including halting the aggression, lifting the blockade and opening the crossings, " said Ghazi Hamad, a senior Hamas adviser. 1
15. "There were some innovative products, but no true blockbusters," said Robert Francello, head of equity trading for Apex Capital hedge fund in San Francisco. 1
16. "This study suggests that blocking RSK activity inhibits fibrogenesis directly by inducing HSC apoptosis, and indirectly, by reducing liver injury and inflammation, " the authors conclude. 1
17. "three of emergency disaster prevention park", with emergency toilets, emergency water supply and drainage system, basic emergency facilities, plans to build 9 block. 1
18. "Using his camera as a sandpaper block, Kubrick has stripped away the veneer from the prizefight and dancehall worlds, " the New York Mirror proclaimed. 1
19. "We have certainly blocked money in Austria, " Nowotny told broadcaster ORF. 1
20. $500 million worth of art will go on the block. 1
21. A - time resource scheduling strategy based on the block Diagonal ( BD ) algorithm is presented for - Input and - Output systems. 1
22. A " block " is a portion of a plantation. 1
23. A " plantation " is a group of blocks planted close to each other. 1
24. A "bifurcated wire wrap" terminal block is one that has an "H" shape, which forms one electrical connection pair with two connection terminals. 1
25. A 512 byte area of disk storage. Each disk sector contains two 256 byte disk data blocks. 1
26. A 55 - year - old man was admitted to the hospital because of second - degree atrioventricular block. 1
27. A barrier of cultural differences between American and Islamic societies blocks the American soldier's proclivity to connect with alien societies. 1
28. A behavior modeling technique for the second - generation switched - current building block circuits using VHDL - AMS language is proposed. 1
29. A big truck had turned over on its side, and it was blocking the road. 1
30. A block and tackle is needed to lift that heavy machine. 1

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