Birthday Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. " I have it!'said John to Mary, " We can buy mother a nice comb for her birthday. 1
2. " Many happy returns! " Emily said to me at my birthday party. 1
3. " The day after , my birthday, no one's to take out a rickshaw. 1
4. "Happy birthday" lightened out on the wall when I opened my eyes. 0
5. "I bought it for him for Christmas three or four years ago," Tim recalled, adding that Marshall's wife, Sara, said she would buy Marshall a shed for his birthday so he could put the snow blower in it. 1
6. "World of Warcraft" is now welcoming his fifth birthday, while it was only a game in which enables the players reincarnate themselves into warlock, warrior, orcish and numen any longer. 1
7. A : Check this out, man. My uncle gave me this crotch - rocket as a birthday present. 1
8. A big birthday cake came out for Sandra with eighteen candles which she ceremoniously blew out. 1
9. A birthday cake with burning candles is also at one's birthday party. 2
10. A birthday is a movable feast as the round of years is wholly unrelated to the seasons. 1
11. A birthday is no occasion for tears. 1
12. A Brazilian woman officially recognised as the world's oldest person has died just weeks from her 115th birthday. 1
13. A break-in at a house in Emley Moor Road resulted in a birthday cake being stolen. 1
14. A child born December is more likely to become a dentist while someone whose birthday falls in January will tend to a debt collector, they found. 1
15. A child's birthday seems to have lost its magic and has just become another consumer oriented status symbol. 1
16. A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman's birthday but never remembers her age. Robert Frost  1
17. A fan ran across the foot ball field in his birthday suit and interrupted the game. 1
18. A few days after his thirteenth birthday, Tony left school too. 1
19. A few days short of his fifteenth birthday, Gert attempted suicide, cutting his wrist and jumping from a third-floor window. 1
20. A Filipino woman, whether she's a friend, employee, co-worker, or lover, will greatly appreciate you remembering her birthday, anniversary, or an important promise. 1
21. A framed photograph of Sarah, taken on her eighteenth birthday, was on the sideboard. 1
22. A friend never defends a husband who gets his wife an electric skillet for her birthday. Erma Bombeck  1
23. A gift of love for your birthday,which is a warm wish from my heart.Happiness for your birthday and always. 2
24. A good, stiff celebrating birthday martini. 1
25. A group of us went out for a drink to celebrate Sonia's birthday. 1
26. A Hollywood producer was determined to give his mother a birthday gift. 1
27. A jingle for every occasion: birthdays, menstruation, first love. 1
28. A joyful date to keep in mind and make a note of, is when a birthday comes around to you.Thank you for your love which makes our home warm and beautiful.It is only with you that I find true contentment. Nothing will ever come between us.Happy birthday to 2
29. A little bird told me that today is your birthday. 1
30. A little bird tole me that today is your birthday. 1





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