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1. "For example, putting the biogas pool beside fire pit can increase biogas production," said Liu, "because the pool can absorb heat from the pit." 2
2. A biogas digester , as seenat a Lashi Lake area residence, converts waste to a clean gas. 1
3. A commercial catalyst Z118Y for natural gas reforming with steam was studied for the reforming of biogas simulated by the equimolar mixture of CH4 and CO2. 1
4. After the adsorption, water hyacinth biogas fermenting is also improved. 1
5. Anaerobic processes could either occur naturally or in a controlled environment such as a biogas plant. 1
6. And by applying biogas slurry, photosynthesis rates is 16.622 μ mol · cm - 2· s - 1 , improving 26.029 % by CK. 1
7. And it was not possible to use data from the biogas volumeter to estimate gas production. 1
8. Based on the characteristics of carbon isotope and components of gas in this field, it is believed that the gas is unlikely a mixture of biogas and the lower thermogenesis natural gas. 1
9. Biological processes are already used extensively at sewage works and on farms to convert domestic and agricultural sewage into biogas. 1
10. Caculating biogas collection rate of two kinds of collection way by dynamic model and biogas extracting test on the landfill. 2
11. Common varieties of natural fertilizer, manure, human waste, manure, compost, composting, biogas fertilizer and waste fertilizers. 1
12. Compared with other small-scale electricity generating options, such as solar, wind and biogas, hydropower is usually the cheapest option per kilowatt-hour. 1
13. DF multi-function biogas service car is facing many opportunities and threats in the more and more intense market in china. 1
14. For more information about biogas, read the backgrounder entitled . 1
15. GE’s Jenbacher biogas engines are to power the new Liaoning Huishan Cow Farm in China, which will become world’s largest biogas project based on cow manure when completed. 2
16. How can biogas technology reduce greenhouse gas ( GHG ) emissions? By how much? 1
17. In his integrated household each of the six component parts helps the others: the fire pit, solar energy roof, greenhouse, livestock shed, biogas pool and a bathroom. 1
18. It is suggested that the sandy lenticular bodies of alluvial flat and neritic facies are favourable reservoir zones for ultra shallow biogas exploration. 1
19. It provided important value for the biogas fermentation of peanut vine. 1
20. Like anaerobic digestion, the aerobic processing of waste material produces methane which can be used as a biogas fuel. 1
21. Objective To study the effect of killing schistosome eggs by the family - size biogas tanks. 1
22. Projects ranged from solar-powered home systems and mini-hydropower plants for remote villages, to food waste and dung biogas plants for urban areas. 1
23. The activity of catalyse changed in the form of Stype during wheat growth, and there was negatively correlation between activity of catalyse and topdressing rate of biogas slurry. 1
24. The application of biogas fertilizer can effectively increase the yield of seed cotton and lint cotton and improve their yield components. 1
25. The bacteria-free filtrate of biogas slurry had obvious inhibitory effects on Botrytis cinerea pers and Botrytis cinerea, while the weak inhibitory effects on the other 5 vegetable pathogen. 1
26. The marsh gas service car organically integrates a biogas dregs and liquid clearing car, a small excavator, a cargo carriage, a special carriage, a computer, a network system and the like. 1
27. The maximum biogas production rate and cumulative biogas production of wheat straw and corn straw increased with the increase of total solid concentration. 2
28. The methane content of the biogas was similar and was 50% in the hydrolysis reactor and 70% in the methanogenesis reactor. 1
29. The model was used in making calculation simulation for combustion processes in biogas ignition engine, which was obtained in a rapid compression expansion machine. 1
30. The second project focuses on renewable energy research, and covers such topics as solar, biogas, mini-hydro and geothermal energy. 1




bio-gas (noun)

  - gaseous fuel, especially methane, produced by the fermentation of organic matter.


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