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# Sentence Times
1. Amritaalsoamreeta: The ambrosia , prepared by the hindu gods , that bestows immortality. 1
2. But peace of mind - that is His final guerdon of approval, the fondest insignia of His love, He bestows it charily. 1
3. Even if sugar bowl and cream pitcher stimulate people's appetite, I am the one who bestows favors on thirsty people. 1
4. Gratitude bestows reverence, allowing us to encounter everyday epiphanies, those transcendent moments of awe that change forever how we experience life and the world. John Milton  1
5. He felt acutely that he lacked the authenticity that the popular vote bestows upon a leader. 1
6. He who receives a benefit should never forget it; he who bestows one should never remember it.  1
7. It begins when the object of your affection, bestows upon you a heady hallucinogenic, dose of something you've never dared to admit you wanted an emotional speedball of thunderous love and excitement. 1
8. It may sometimes make them seem indecisive and easily led, but it also bestows qualities of sensitivity, sympathy and empathy. 1
9. Let me feel grateful you, bestows me to grandly. 1
10. Random variation within chromosomes produces a random variation in the developmental growth of the organism, which every now and then bestows increased fitness on the whole organism. 1
11. Some matters, cannot wield, then bestows on by writes palely. 1
12. Talent and beauty He gives to many. Wealth is commonplace, fame not rare. But peace of mind—that is His final guerdon of approval, the fondest sign of His love. He bestows it charily. 1
13. The first book I ever studied was Prout's Strict Counterpoint, which bestows on polyphony an aura of mysterious excellence. 1
14. The government took measures to help them, such as material bestows, reducing farm tax and corvee , easing penalty, national raising children , curing and Saving lives etc. 1
15. The standing of a peasant and an armyman bestows the best breakthrough point upon him, which makes him a representative figure of neo-rural and neo-military novels. 1
16. The true Tibetan narratives no doubt had more intriguing meanings attached to them, a spectrum equivalent to the colors this upthrust seafloor's chemistry bestows upon the waters flowing through. 1
17. This bestows on Guinness its deep ruby darkness. 1
18. This drips by tens of thousands " the water of life " the curiosa that condense and becomes, this god bestows worldly jewellery, shaking in our heart. 1





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