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# Sentence Times
1. 't takeaway the world that belongs to you. 1
2. "In America, the child's room belongs to the parents and is seen as being rented out to the kid, " noted one of the actors appearing in a new play on shut-ins. "The child can be displaced for guests. 1
3. "Realistic individual" is a jumping-off place of the Marxian new philosophy, it belongs to a entirety spectrum in the linguistic ambit of the Marxian philosophy. 1
4. A central question that remains, though, is whether the study of deixis belongs to semantics or to pragmatics. 1
5. A combined ice, snow skis belongs to the ice and snow sports equipment, in particular to the technical field of the design and manufacture of skating rinks or snowfield skis. 1
6. A composite sensor of shaft current and shaft magnetic flux belongs to checking technical field, and is used to solve the checking problems of shaft current of a motor. 1
7. A dominion database format that is specially used in parasitic parameter extraction tools belongs to the technical field of IC CAD. 1
8. A filter with a diatomite filter element belongs to the field of daily life articles. 1
9. A firm belief in the priesthood of all believers means that singing belongs to the whole congregation as well as to the choir. 1
10. A goldfish LanChou belongs to the egg, dorsal fin. 1
11. A goldfish LanChou belongs to the egg,(This website/dorsal fin.html) dorsal fin. 1
12. A lamp shade belongs to lighting technical field, which can save material and production time. 1
13. A mala fide registration is the one obtained by someone who knew that the mark belongs to someone else. 1
14. A minimally invasive bone fetcher belongs to the technical field of medical appliance. 1
15. A multi-spectrum paper money counting device belongs to paper money counting equipment technology field. 1
16. A new type rise supporting device for radioscopy belongs to the technical field of medical appliance. 1
17. A non - oxide compound magnesite - graphite brick containing carbon less than 6 % belongs to a fire resisting material. 1
18. A novel upper digestive tract rinser belongs to the technical field of medical appliances. 1
19. A plastron belongs to an adornment worn on female clothes, with the function of decorating and covering the breast. 1
20. A pleural puncture apparatus, in particular to a coelom effusion and pneumatosis treating and inspecting apparatus, belongs to the technology field of medical device. 1
21. A plunger type quantitative lead pump belongs to the technology field of special pumps and is used for solving the problems with the lead pump, including high rate of wear and short service life. 1
22. A power-driven combined tillage machine belongs to a land preparing implement in the field of agricultural machinery. 1
23. A preparation method of anodic aluminum oxide film with thick barrier layer is provided, which belongs to the field of material technology. 1
24. A resistance material and terrestrial heat mode warm oneself galvanothermy band made by the material belongs to electricity field. 1
25. A telephone belongs in every home. 1
26. A telephone belongs in every office. 1
27. A woman who belongs to a religious order or congregation devoted to active service or meditation, living under vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. 1
28. According to investigation of ancient landslide geology situation, architectural feature, and the analysis of ancient landslide deformation feature, it is suggested that it belongs to crumble-sliding. 1
29. According to the pathological features, this case belongs to the excystic visceral pentastomiasis. 1
30. Accounting goal is enslaved to accounting environment, which determines chief aspects of accounting activity and belongs to the chief contravention of accounting theory. 1





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