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1. Conclusion is that Finnish outdoor chair expresses the Finn's belongingness of nature. 1
2. During the training of teachers' resilience, special concerns need to be given to teachers' sense of belongingness, sense of competence and sense of optimism. 1
3. Even as we learn our new identity, the mark of humility and belongingness, it is good for us to look upon Jesus. 1
4. I feel a strong feeling of belongingness to the community. 1
5. In current, the lack of university student occupational consciousness mainly displays in utilitarian, the capriciousness, belongingness and the dependence four aspects. 1
6. Organizational identification is a kind of social identification which is the perception of oneness with or belongingness to an organization. 1
7. Participants whose belongingness needs were aroused reveled longer in their descriptions of favored television programs than in descriptions of non-favored programs, the study found. 1
8. Pragmatically, marked idioms have the functions of belongingness, attraction, rhetoric, modification and economy. 1
9. Sometime they are also missish, rejects man's appointment with the lazy expression, like missish belongs concinnity forever. But they don't have the sense of belongingness. 1
10. Study 2 used essays to experimentally manipulate the belongingness needs of 102 undergraduate subjects and assess the importance of their favored television programs when those needs were stimulated. 1
11. The combination of simple structures and green plants keeps off the noises and disturbances rising from the urban traffic arteries, and thus adds to the users' sense of belongingness to the spaces. 1
12. The five types of needs according to Maslow are: physiological, safety, love and belongingness, esteem and self-actualization. 1
13. The structure of the self-esteem of college students was mainly composed of sense of significance, self-competence, belongingness and appearance. 1
14. The very sense of belongingness has led us to immeasurable expectations. 1
15. These are the questions that you'll ask yourself to determine if your social need to be achieved and belongingness is met. 1
16. They be floating in the air and at last found their own sense of belongingness. 1
17. They used to be floating in the air and at last found their own sense of belongingness . 1
18. This is evidence, say the researchers, that illusionary or "parasocial" relationships with television characters or personalities can ease belongingness needs. 1
19. This is not a wild man thinking, just a belongingness toward my clansman. 1
20. We aim to help our students have a strong sense of belongingness. 1
21. You need love and belongingness. You need self esteem. 1




  - the state or feeling of belonging to a particular group.


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