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1. " But Terry also believes that not all pass the buck to Facebook, "Before we blame thee-mail, then forward a strange call. 1
2. " But Terry also believes that not all pass the buck to Facebook, "Before we blame thee-mail, then forward a strange call.sentencedict .com 1
3. " The author believes that " avantgarde criticism" has abandoned the criticalness of literary criticism in its identification with the reality of consumer society. 1
4. "Deutsche Boerse believes the proposal by Nasdaq and ICE would burden shareholders with irresponsible leverage, eliminate a competitor and face insurmountable antitrust risk," it said. 1
5. "Everyone knows they're going to die", he said again, "but nobody believes it. If we did, we would do things differently". Mitch Albom  1
6. "He's a loner nihilist who believes in nothing," Mr. Lu said. 1
7. "Targeted programmes with one-on-one attention are what these young people need," believes Paul Brown, a director of the Prince's Trust. 1
8. A - Hamas, or Islamic Resistance Movement, believes Palestinians must use force of arms in their struggle with Israel. Fatah is largely secular and has pursued negotiations with Israel. 1
9. A big reason that UNIX administration is challenging is that every UNIX vendor believes standards are for weak-minded fools. 1
10. A drafter says he now believes those words were "inappropriate". 1
11. A Facebook spokesperson said the website does not comment on individual accounts, but said it believes a "real name culture" creates more accountability and a safer and more trusted environment. 1
12. A good three-quarters of Mr Singleton's production falls into the top two grades but he believes he can improve on that. 1
13. A leader believes that failures present the opportunity for self-improvement, and that performance on the next go-round will only be enhanced through the lessons previously learned. 1
14. A man who receives an electric shock does not ask himself whether he believes in the form of energy known as electricity. 1
15. A panhandler is someone who definitely believes in the existence of free money. 1
16. A professor who studies this phenomenon, Dr. Mel Levine, believes that students aren’t prepared for the workforce because parents and schools coddle them. 1
17. A slightly jowly, sad-eyed man, he has a politician's gift for imbuing his remarks with the sense that he believes deeply in what he's saying. 1
18. A vitalist refers to someone who believes in vitalism. 1
19. A zoo keeper gave red wine to the monkeys because he believes it is a preventative measure against the H1N1 flu disease. 1
20. According to the sedimentological evidences the paper believes that Qiangtang Basin was a continental marginal basin during middle Jurassic time and was at an extensional architectonic setting. 1
21. Acolyte: A servitor of a mage who does not perform magic, but believes in its power. 1
22. Adelman has not attached or playoff rounds to his own expectations, but firmly believes he'll win. 1
23. After early years as a stage actor and method acting student, pen's now been in more than 30 films and has directed three more, but he believes his career is just beginning. 1
24. After so much research and writing, the writer personally believes the assessment on junior students mathematics learning should pluralize the individuals, and diversify the assessment forms. 1
25. Age Concern believes that convalescent facilities must be available to all elderly patients who require them. 1
26. Age Concern believes that the Department of Health should develop a policy and issue national guidelines on the provision of such care. 1
27. Agger believes the manager deserves praise for his role in revitalising Liverpool's season, and the Dane is optimistic the side can maintain their excellent form. 1
28. Agnostic: A person who believes that nothing can be known about God or life after death. 1
29. Alan Hansen believes Liverpool's double-header with Everton could prove crucial in the club's quest for success this season. 1
30. Alderson believes there has been a whispering campaign waged against new owners Steve Schott and Ken Hofmann. 1

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