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Below is a list of some of the sentences that use belie, so you can learn how to use belie in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word belie here, and see the words sound like or similar to belie

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1. “I couldn’t fail to show up at the bicentennial celebration,” he said from the palace balcony. But he added: “Let no one believe that my presence here means we have won the battle” against cancer. 1
2. “I don’t believe that it was a lot of young people rising up organically in the last election,” said Jimmy Talarico, a University of Texas undergraduate who co-ordinated the rally there. 1
3. “They come by the busload, ” she said. “Wanting to believe in the impossible.” 1
4. “We had a case where somebody recognized the bellhop at a hotel as somebody who had participated in violence against her in, I believe, Rwanda,” Myers recalled. 1
5. ' Believe me, you can bet there will always be at least one person who can't wait to grab the wine list and show off. Let them do the honors, and you earn easy points for humility. 0
6. ' Entreat me to believe it no more, Miss Manette. 1
7. ''As we approach Remembrance Day it is hard to believe that 40 per cent of our children do not know when it is. 1
8. 'And he'll believe you, will he?' Maria taunted. 1
9. 'But ... but ... I can't believe... how could you?' she spluttered. 1
10. 'First they didn't believe that my name was genuine, and when I convinced them, they thought it was hilarious. It's never-ending. 1
11. 'I believe it,'answered her father, mournfully.'I have thought so before now. I believe it.' 2
12. 'I don't believe it!' she burst out angrily. 1
13. 'No, sir,'replied Joyce.'I believe not, sir.'. 1
14. 'Our finding suggests that the adult human brain is far more plastic than previously believed, ' researcher Li-Hai Tan, a cognitive neuroscientist at the University of Hong Kong, told LiveScience. 1
15. 'so the women believe what Chien Pao - sheng tells them, eh? 1
16. 'The underdog syndrome' is a belief that things are beyond your control. 1
17. 'We have cardinals who don't believe in Christ, bishops connected with demons. Then we have these stories of pedophilia. 1
18. 'Where does she come from?' 'Spain, I believe.' 1
19. " But Terry also believes that not all pass the buck to Facebook, "Before we blame thee-mail, then forward a strange call. 1
20. " But Terry also believes that not all pass the buck to Facebook, "Before we blame thee-mail, then forward a strange call.sentencedict .com 1
21. " Cad,'said he, catching her, " I believe you're getting vain. ". 1
22. " I believe you're the first person that old ruffian has loved since < ... 1
23. " I do verily believe it, " answered the clergyman. 1
24. " I don't believe you ever intend to marry me, Charlie, " Carrie said ruefully. 1
25. " In Therese's last words, she said, "Virtue is an attitude - we understand our " littleness " before God, so that we recognise our humbleness and weakness, there by believing in the kindness of God. 1
26. " On second thought I believe I'll keep you guessing, too. 1
27. " The author believes that " avantgarde criticism" has abandoned the criticalness of literary criticism in its identification with the reality of consumer society. 1
28. "A very small number" of European governments believe Afghanistan is on the front-line of the war on terror, says one senior Brussels man. 1
29. "Acheron translates as the "river of woe" and it was believed to be a branch of the underworld river Styx over which in ancient Greek mythology Charon ferried the newly dead souls across into Hades. 1
30. "But maybe," the apologist insists, "the problem is in what Americans believe. 1

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