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# Sentence Times
1. A belated rush to help is under way, complete with the good intentions and hazards that hasty rescues invariably bring. 1
2. A local income tax would give councils the power to jeopardise Britain's belated conversion to a belief in low direct taxation. 1
3. After resisting the temptation to expand, Harley belatedly added production capacity and grandiosely predicted sales would reach 400, 000 by 2007. 1
4. As Irene is sun bathing on the deck, Joel finds some down time to write the belated annual letter. 1
5. Banks and rating agencies are – belatedly – revamping their models. 1
6. Both a premature and a belated retreat , of course, bring losses. 1
7. But he must belatedly develop three crucial talents. 1
8. But then I forgot. Best belated wishes. 1
9. College students' belated payment of their tuition fees, as a special social phenomenon, came out in the middle of 1990s along with the reform of higher education charge system. 1
10. Compared with the American credit buying method, Asian people use their income in the past to enjoy belatedly the goods and services they need. 1
11. Computers are belatedly replacing thousands of clerical staff and middle managers. 1
12. Do you still get a year older? Happy belated Birthday! 1
13. Egypt's economy belatedly begun to grow quite fast. 1
14. Epitaph : a belated advertisement for a line of goods that has permanently discontinued. 1
15. For this reason, Bachelard refers ironically to Sartre's phenomenology as a belated form of alchemy. 1
16. Good morning and Merry ( belated ) Christmas to you all! 1
17. He made a belated apology. 1
18. He was given a belated birthday cake with 60 candles. 1
19. His artlessness was boyish and so were his acuteness and his transparent but somewhat belated good sense. 1
20. His policies are now quite belated. 1
21. I belatedly wished her a happy birthday. 1
22. I got a belated birthday card from my cousin yesterday. 1
23. I know it's a little belated, but we got you the perfect wedding present! 1
24. I reveived a belated birthday card this morning. 1
25. I set him down on the hood of the car and gave him a belated warning about snakes. 1
26. I'd have to tell you that it is an insipid and belated rehearsal of modernist experimentation with self-reflexivity. 1
27. In 1946, when the war ended and Hawaii about to explode belatedly into the twenties century. 1
28. In 1968, a bipartisan congressional vote also supported a surtax when President Lyndon Johnson belatedly asked for taxes to pay for the war in Vietnam. 1
29. In fact, various techniques and a belated statutory intervention have combined to lessen the effect of the omission. 1
30. In short, I could enjoy, rather belatedly, being a silly little girl. 1




  - coming or happening later than should have been the case.


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