Beef Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. " Old Pah the cooked - beef man uses it, too. 1
2. "Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), first isolated from beef heart mitochondria, is an essential component of the mitochondrial respiratory chain, and also has antioxidant properties, " Dr. 1
3. "It has a richer flavor and it's milder and sweeter than beef," says Ellensburg beefalo breeder Mark Merril, "and more juicy." 2
4. "It's corned beef and cabbage," said Malone. "Yuk," said Maureen. 1
5. 1 p.m. - For a farewell meal and travel mood, stop at Beira Gare near the railway station and have a "cataplana" dish of cod, shrimp and clams or a "bifana" beef - one of Lisbon's best. 1
6. A : How would you like your beefsteak prepared? 1
7. A beef cow in a US pasture, for example, emits 50 kilograms of methane per year, compared with just 26 kilograms in a feedlot, according to Livestock's Long Shadow. 1
8. A classic Bordeaux wine from one of the best vintages in recent year. The wine Displays balanced aroma of chocolate, blueberry and cedar. A wonderful wine that will match beef dishes. 1
9. A classic Bordeaux wine from one of the best vintages in recent years. The wine displays balanced aromas of chocolate, blueberry and cedar. A wonderful wine and a great match for beef dishes. 1
10. A college can beef up its educational level by hiring highly - qualified professors. 1
11. A confirmative method to determine 9 cephalosporin residues in beef by ultra performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry(UPLC-MS/MS)was developed. 1
12. A crosscut slice of beef a crosscut incision. 1
13. A cut of beef consisting of a double sirloin. 1
14. A fillet of beef cut from the tenderloin, often bound in bacon or suet for cooking. 1
15. A full range of services: leading enterprises to provide technical services and acquisition of beef cattle. 1
16. A general beefs up his forces before a battle by adding more tanks and artillery. A college can beef up its educational level by hiring highly-qualified professors. 2
17. A general beefs up his forces before a war along joining extra tanks and firearms. 1
18. A hallow tomato to be stuffed with south France spices and minced beef, with butter toasted. 1
19. A highly seasoned smoked cut of beef, usually taken from the shoulder. 1
20. A huge, smoking rack of barbecued beef is turning on a spit. 1
21. A LEADING contender in the mayoral race in Los Angeles wants to beef up the city's police force. 1
22. A method for beef marbling extraction based on incomplete information algorithm was proposed. 1
23. A mixture of flake, beef heart, spinach and shrimp pellets were used. 1
24. A new soy-beef product was introduced to the consumer in March, 1973, as a lower cost alternative to ground beef. 1
25. A newspaper scare closer to home arose during the Spanish-American War, when packers were blamed with shipping "embalmed beef " that sickened the troops. 1
26. A sandwich consisting of a bun, a cooked beef patty, and often other ingredients such as cheese, onion slices, lettuce, or condiments. Often used in combination. 1
27. A second slab of beef has crawled out of bed and found his doorknob. 1
28. A short specials board offered herrings in dill or madeira sauce, much enjoyed, cottage pie and beef curry. 1
29. a sinewy cut of beef. 1
30. A strip or compact piece of boneless meat or fish, especially the beef tenderloin. 1




beeves (plural noun) · beefs (plural noun)

  - the flesh of a cow, bull, or ox, used as food.


beefs (third person present) · beefed (past tense) · beefed (past participle) · beefing (present participle)

  - complain.


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