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# Sentence Times
1. And the Democrats in Congress have bedeviled Dole with a push for a raise in the minimum wage. 1
2. Arguments on the pros and cons of high technology medicine are bedevilled by many false assumptions. 1
3. As government has grown larger and more powerful, so have the temptations that bedevil elected officials. 1
4. Bad weather bedevilled our plans. 1
5. But repeated scientific fraud scandals continue to bedevil China's reputation as an innovator. 1
6. Communities sometimes seem to be bedevilled. 1
7. Crump Credit problems bedevil a large number of people . 1
8. Ever since I started playing tennis, I've been bedevilled by back pains. 1
9. Famously derided as "Peanut" and "General Cash-My-Check, " the leader of China's Nationalist government bedeviled the Allied war effort in World War II with his lackluster defense of his country. 1
10. His career was bedevilled by injury. 1
11. I have observed certain recurring weaknesses that bedevil many would-be entrepreneurs. 1
12. If it backfires , it could bedevil efforts to contain public spending. 1
13. In particular, the relationship is becoming increasingly bedevilled by the issue of anti-missile defence. 1
14. In the past, the discussion on the role of the state in public communication has been bedevilled by the East-West conflict. 1
15. In the past, the discussion on the role of the state in public communication has been bedevilled by the East-West conflict.Sentence dictionary 1
16. Instead, the new system was introduced on the pay-as-you-go basis which has bedevilled social security finance ever since. 1
17. Keeping those promises will soon start to bedevil the administration. 1
18. Kurd and Turk, Baghdad Shia and Saudi Arabian Wahhabi have bridged the sectarian rifts that bedevil their homelands. 1
19. Localized changes are easy to apply and you can see their immediate effect, but far-away side-effect breakages bedevil you. 1
20. Mr Levin has also spent a fortune in shareholder money to resolve the internal rivalries bedeviling his game plan for Time Warner. 1
21. Nearly 70 years after the war ended, memories of Japan's war atrocities continue to bedevil the relations. 1
22. Off the field problems which have bedevilled the club in recent times have been buried. 1
23. On Israel, the other chronic foreign policy issue that will bedevil the next secretary of state, Mrs. Clinton would bring baggage as well. 1
24. Or perhaps it’s a symptom of our age, that the problems that bedevil us on Earth limit our interest in other worlds — just when we need them (and the inspiration they offer) most. 1
25. People bow at temples and in honor of ancestors, for instance, but they don’t go in for the bows of greeting and farewell that so often bedevil foreigners in Japan. 1
26. Phone-in services can be bedevilled by hoax calls. 1
27. Secondly, share-pushing raised in acute form a problem which bedevils much of civil law. 1
28. Similar problems bedevil the wind turbine industry in China. 1
29. Systemic treatment of cancer is bedevilled by the similarity of tumour cells to normal cells, at least under most physiological conditions. 1
30. The expedition was bedevilled by bad weather. 1

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