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# Sentence Times
1. "With the SWAT team, the roads barricaded, and the school in lockdown, it was like a different kind of movie set," Sessoms said. 1
2. A fearful detonation burst forth on the barricade. 1
3. A fussy neighbour broke his collar bone building barricades against the hippies. 1
4. A large crowd of white youths set up burning barricades and smashed windows, doors, and fences on the estate. 1
5. A light-haired young man, without a cravat, went from barricade to barricade, carrying pass-words. 2
6. A series of dikes and makeshift barricades designed to protect Bangkok from the full brunt of the floods appeared to be holding over the weekend, but experts warned the city isn't out of danger yet. 1
7. About forty prisoners are still barricaded inside the wrecked buildings. 1
8. Also bullets, " one crewman, 26-year-old Thomas Urbik, wrote in an email to his mother. "We are barricaded in the engine room and so far no one is hurt. 1
9. An armored vehicle breaks through a Red Shirt barricade on Wednesday May 19,2010 in Bangkok, Thailand. 1
10. An unruly mob broke down police barricades and stormed the courtroom. 1
11. Angry youths from the Buganda tribe block streets with burning barricades and threw stones at police, who responded with tear gas. 1
12. At around 4 p.m., authorities removed the barricades from in front of her lakeside villa in Yangon and entered to read a release order to Ms. Suu Kyi, as hundreds of supporters gathered nearby. 1
13. At some point in the early eighties they were barricaded. 1
14. At this hour they were all barricaded and fortified, protected by wire and armed with heavy padlocks. 1
15. Beyond the barricade Is there a world you to see? 1
16. Discussions took place in the street behind the barricades, and in private houses, about future tactics. 1
17. Dozens of families in the farms around the hamlet have practically barricaded themselves into their homes. 1
18. During the riots, some of the prisoners barricaded their cells. 1
19. Emergency workers built a sandbag barricade as 60 patients were put on evacuation stand-by. 1
20. Eventually, however, they managed to open a channel in the wedge and bring the leaders through to the barricades. 1
21. Families had to be barricaded inside a restaurant while students protested outside. 1
22. Farmers have barricaded their fields to prevent partygoers from trespassing on their land. 1
23. Finally a single Land-Rover ground over the ridge and stopped at the barricade. 1
24. For a moment, until the old men had been dragged back to the barricade, all was chaos. 1
25. For some of those manning the barricades in Quebec, this is irrelevant. 1
26. Go out of the barricade, slip along close to the houses, skirmish about a bit in the streets, and come back and tell me what is going on. 1
27. He aligned himself with the workers, the rebels at the barricades, with Zola and Michelet and the students of 1848. 1
28. He also collected sandbags and wood to barricade the Legation buildings. 1
29. He had barricaded himself in his room. 1
30. He remains barricaded inside his heavily-fortified mansion. 1

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