Barred Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use barred, so you can learn how to use barred in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word barred here, and see the words sound like or similar to barred

# Sentence Times
1. A barred owl calls down in the swamp. 1
2. A barred owl has not showed up in Central Park for decades. 1
3. A dubious reform written in the Senate, Proposition 112 in 1990, barred legislators from receiving speaking fees. 1
4. A dun and a barred blue, both trimmed for the pit, combs and wattles scissored off. 1
5. A fallen tree barred our way. 1
6. A grouse (Canachites canadensis) that is dark gray barred with black, found in swampy forests of northern North America, and popular as a game bird. 1
7. A large North American owl (Strix varia ) having barred, brownish plumage across the breast, a streaked belly, and a strident, hooting cry. 1
8. A leading New York newspaper published the story with the head lineā€”Fire Buff barred from Blaze. 1
9. A locked gate barred my entrance to the wood. 1
10. A long freight train barred the passage along the road.sentence dictionary 1
11. A magically barred inner space, removed from everyday life. 1
12. A player without a reasonable excuse should be barred from entering the competition the following year. 1
13. A PUB landlord was attacked by a former customer he had barred days before, a court heard. 1
14. A woman with no children may well be regarded as a witch who must be ostracised and barred from celebrations. 1
15. A wooden rail at waist height barred their way; they must be very close to the edge of the cliff. 1
16. Above, the cleft was barred by vertical walls forming a difficult obstacle, demanding care and attention. 1
17. According to the FWS recovery plan, "this statute could hinder the ability to reduce the effects of barred owls on spotted owls in the southern portion of the range." 1
18. Accordingly, the action against the manufacturers was not time barred. 1
19. After last week's incident, Pakistan barred NATO cargo from the northern crossing in the Khyber Pass. 1
20. After telling a guard he wanted to look around, Morse was barred from entering. 1
21. After the horror attack the whole area was barred to the public. 1
22. After the member was caught cheating , he was barred from the club. 1
23. After the member was caught cheating ,(This website/cheating.html) he was barred from the club. 1
24. All of the former officers remained stripped of their rank and were barred from holding public office. 1
25. All of the former officers remained stripped of their rank and were barred from holding public office. This website 1
26. All the doors and windows were barred. 1
27. All the windows in the prison are barred. 1
28. All three were barred in February for tampering with urine samples during out-of-competition tests. 1
29. Also barred would have been gifts, except for items of nominal value, such as shirts or mugs. 1
30. Americans will be barred from using Iraq as a launch pad to attack other countries. 1




  - closed or secured with a long rod or rigid piece of wood, metal, or similar material.

  - marked with bands of color or light.


  - fasten (something, especially a door or window) with a bar or bars.

  - prevent or prohibit (someone) from doing something or from going somewhere.

  - mark (something) with bars or stripes.


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