Banquet Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. "Those banquets encroach and waste public money and should be regulated by law, so I am proposing a change to the criminal law to combat extravagancy," Zhao said. 1
2. A banquet in honor of Nordlie begins at 7 p.m. 1
3. A banquet in honor of Nordlie begins at 7 p.m. This website 1
4. A banquet was given in honor of the distinguished guests. 1
5. A banquet was held in her honour. 1
6. A huge banquet was planned to celebrate the city's millennium. 1
7. A kind of banquet where Manchu and Han is served. 1
8. A new couple in the wedding banquet hall in preparation for a fruit sangria bar (wine mainly for orange juice and soda), let a guest himself. 1
9. A servant knocked and announced that the banquet would begin in an hour. 1
10. a state banquet in honour of the visiting President. 1
11. According to the prearrangement, male guests in the wedding banquet will be entertained by the bridegroom. 1
12. After meeting, Xiao Yang hosted a banquet for Guyanese guests in the Great People's Hall. 1
13. After sumptuous banquet, they also took us to a dance hall to dance and sing. 1
14. After the banquets, the concerts and the table tennis exhibitor, he went home tiredly. 1
15. After the banquets, the concerts the table tennis exhibitor, he went home tiredly. 1
16. Again the Collector heard the crash of cannons from the banqueting hall. 1
17. All the banquet—the meat dishes and the Lenten fare alike—was sumptuous, but still he could not be perfectly at ease till the end of dinner. 0
18. All the banqueting tables had been placed carefully, with full consideration to the dangers that abound on Samain. 1
19. Already early on this Saturday morning he and his pupils were beginning to prepare for the banquet in the Imperial kitchens. 1
20. An awards banquet, the first ever specifically for blacks in the broadcast industry, was held at the Waldorf-Astoria. 1
21. An epicurean banquet of exquisitely prepared food accompanied throughout by vintage champagne. 1
22. An exquisite minimalist banquet was laid on for their benefit. 1
23. And opposite at large portfolio, careless basket, compare diminutive, hand to take form or the portfolio that late banquet uses is with filar socks lie low in chest drawer. 1
24. And while they were in the midst of their banqueting, the door was suddenly burst open, and the Dagda stood there, with his men. 1
25. As well as staging concerts and cabaret the venue could also play host to conferences and banquets. 1
26. Assists the hotel sales outlet and the banquet department western - style food promotion. 1
27. At the banquet all the foreign guests wore evening dress. 1
28. At the banquet table, I had the good fortune to sit vis - a - vis an old school chum. 1
29. At the banquet table, I had the good fortune to sit visvis an old school chum. 1
30. At the banquet we chin - chinned and tried to look cheerful. 1




banquets (plural noun)

  - an elaborate and formal meal for many people.


banquets (third person present) · banqueted (past tense) · banqueted (past participle) · banqueting (present participle)

  - entertain with a banquet.


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