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# Sentence Times
1. "Lady Chatterley's Lover" was banned when it was first published. 1
2. A British made radio-controlled vibrator has been banned in Cyprus after it was branded a threat to national security. 1
3. A controversial documentary about Japan's annual dolphin slaughter is due to be screened in Tokyo tomorrow, despite last-ditch attempts by hunters to have it banned. 1
4. A couple of years before that, I believe ’95, ’96, he had won $20 million playing baccarat, blackjack at the MGM grand, and he was banned from the MGM grand. 1
5. A court in the northwestern German city of Muenster has banned a man from tattooing his pony with the logo of British rock band the Rolling Stones. 1
6. A decree in February banned the sale of weapons to countries involved in armed conflict. 1
7. A few years ago, Toronto banned the use of virtually all lawn pesticides and herbicides, including 2, 4-D and carbaryl, on the ground that they pose a health risk, especially to children. 1
8. A fourth supporter was banned for a pitch incursion. 1
9. A French government minister has called for the burka, the head-to-toe garment worn by a minority of Muslim women in France, to be banned. 1
10. A French parliamentary panel has recommended that face-covering veils such as the burqa or the niqab be banned in public insitutions such as hospitals and schools. 1
11. A further 60 can be used but not sold, while 70 formulations are banned as originally planned. 1
12. A government inquiry showed the company had cut corners on safety and banned union organizing. 1
13. A number of governments banned the ship from their territorial waters. 1
14. A recent example is the 11-month campaign against the banned spiritual sect, Falun Gong. 1
15. A treasure trove of sculptures banned by the Nazis has been uncovered from the bombed-out cellars of a Berlin house destroyed during World War II, German museum officials said on Monday. 1
16. A worldwide agreement reached more than 10 years ago banned the long-lived chemicals responsible for ozone destruction. 1
17. A young boy is arrested by the US Secret Service for writing a computer virus and is banned from using a computer until his 18th birthday. 1
18. About 20 of the weapons, banned for private import by federal law in 1989, were resold for substantial profit. 1
19. After a child was killed chasing a runaway hula the hoops were banned from Tokyo streets. 1
20. After a Tunisian vendor was banned by local police, he could not stand it and resorted to self-immolation. 1
21. After preaching on two or three occasions to the people of Kidderminster, the Vicar banned him from preaching any more. 1
22. After preaching on two or three occasions to the people of Kidderminster, the Vicar banned him from preaching any more. This website 1
23. After the destruction of the Temples, sacrifices were banned and rabbinical teachings took their place as the focus of Judaism. 1
24. After those killings, the federal government banned the import of semi-automatic weapons. 1
25. All dumping of sludge will be banned by 1998. 1
26. All exotic animals, other than humans of course, are banned from this last wilderness by international agreement. 1
27. All other liquids , including contact lens solution makeup, toothpaste and sun lotion were banned. 1
28. All other political parties there have been completely banned. 1
29. Although the lottery for women had been banned by the church, the mid-February holiday in commemoration of St. Valentine was stilled used by Roman men to seek the affection of women. 1
30. Although the pure drug was banned it was not certain whether a naturally-occurring substance containing the drug was illegal. 1

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