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# Sentence Times
1. Corns, Wheat, Oat bran, Grape, Papaya, Banana, Pineapple , Inulin, Calciun carbonate, Citric acid, Probiotics, Natural fruit flavor. 0
2. .. raised benchmark lending rates and bank reserve requirements. 1
3. “A hamadryad is a wood-nymph, also a poisonous snake in India, and an Abyssinian baboon,” says the narrator of John Banville’s 2009 novel, The Infinities. 0
4. (Check Credit Addict for competitive offers.) Your bank may not agree to match the terms, but it probably will. 1
5. ( -- The Big Bang theory has formed the basis of our understanding of the universe's origins since it was first proposed in 1927 by Georges Lemaitre. 0
6. (Washington, DC) - The current review of United States policy on antipersonnel landmines should result in a decision to join the historic treaty banning the weapon, Human Rights Watch said today. 1
7. 'Bang, bang, you're dead!' shouted the little boy. 1
8. 'Bang! Bang! You're dead!' shouted the small boy. 0
9. 'First City' joined a long list of failed banks. 1
10. 'If your bank accounts are common, why not your Twitter and Facebook accounts?' asks Clemson Smith Muniz, a Spanish-language sports announcer in New York. 1
11. 'It's giving me more things to be fearful of, ' Ryan said, referring to the disclosures of some banks' large holdings of loans to customers in troubled countries. 1
12. 'Needless to say, banks have confidence in their counterparties again, ' wrote Mike O'Rourke, chief market strategist with BTIG. 1
13. 'No nukes here!' the banner read. 1
14. 'Oh no, this is the beginning of the end, ' said Bob Halliday, a Bangkok-based food writer, when told about the odourless durian. 'Making a non-smelly durian is like a thornless rose. 0
15. 'Our message to the world is clear: What is ours is ours; setting foot on Recto Bank is no different from setting foot on Recto Avenue, ' he said. 0
16. 'shao - Shao is tolerating the banding very well, " he said. 1
17. 'The Rolling Stones' is the ultimate rock and roll band. 1
18. 'The subprime mess appears to be a result, at least in part, of a soft-touch regulatory approach that allowed inappropriate lending standards and exotic mortgage banking products, ' he said. 1
19. 'The world is in a danger zone, ' said World Bank President Robert Zoellick. 0
20. 'There is still appetite for Australian bank paper given it's still AA-rated, ' said T.S. Lim, an analyst at Australian brokerage firm Bell Potter Securities. 1
21. 'Water prices need to be allowed to rise to reflect its full scarcity value, ' recommended the World Bank study. 0
22. 'We expect the headline inflation rate to ease to below 2% by March end as prices of manufactured products continue to soften,' said Manoranjan Sharma, chief economist at Canara Bank. 0
23. 'We've seen the monetary reserves dwindle as a result of the central bank's policy, ' Mr. Bogetic said. 'We also see now that the policy is increasingly less sustainable. 1
24. " An adviser to China's central bank shot back that Beijing "will not appreciate the yuan solely because of external pressure. 1
25. " Another protestor, who calls himself "Mercury John" called the credit union "an honest, good local bank. 1
26. " At Tellson's banking - house at nine, " he said, with a musing face. 1
27. " Bang! Bang! " the small boy brandished a phoney pistol and shouted. 0
28. " Black beans and rice, fried bananas, and some stew. 1
29. " I wonder what to do,'she said worriedly; he paused worriedly before calling the bank. 1
30. " In Central America,'says Whitcomb, " the banana spider is a welcome house guest. 1




bans (third person present) · banned (past tense) · banned (past participle) · banning (present participle)

  - officially or legally prohibit.


bans (plural noun)

  - an official or legal prohibition.


bani (plural noun)

  - a monetary unit of Romania, equal to one hundredth of a leu.


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