Badger Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A badger locked out of his house and saw the mitten. He climbed right in. 1
2. A belligerent reporter badgered the President for the facts. 1
3. A dreadful cross for the badger to bear. 1
4. A wolverine is a small, fierce mammaltheThe badger is a similar and equally fierce creature and Wisconsin is the badger State. 2
5. A wolverine is a small(This website/badger.html), fierce mammaltheThe badger is a similar and equally fierce creature and Wisconsin is the badger State. 2
6. Almost since taking office in 2003, he has been badgering leaders to cut their budget deficits and deregulate to encourage entrepreneurship and growth. 1
7. And dying for a drink.The badger falls victim to the drought. 1
8. And rams'skins dyed red, and badgers'skins, and shittim wood. 1
9. And somebody, somewhere in the badger State builds the vats and forms, and the big stirring paddles and conveyor belts without which there'd be no Wisconsin cheese. 1
10. And the rock - badger, for the same reason, is unclean to you. 1
11. Another badger has suffered a broken jaw. 1
12. At night, badgers feed above ground. 1
13. Badger victory Wildlife campaigners are celebrating after winning an 18 year fight to protect badgers from badger baiting. 2
14. Besides, he was the client, therefore not up for any kind of badgering. 1
15. Bibby's brainwave for Badger's bins Redundant storage bins at Wilton have a new use - as havens for badgers. 1
16. Billy the badger had much more difficulty in proving his innocence, although he admitted to stealing chickens. 1
17. But also have exception, for example plotted against to be fallen to confuse medicine to or by the person is calm force not quite medium badger game. 1
18. But the summer passed and the badger never came along. 1
19. Did you notice when you were badgering her how she got interested in remembering Pempie and then could leave the room? 1
20. Don't worry about badger. He will along one day. 1
21. Earlier this month the Badgers Bill completed its passage through both Houses of Parliament, and by now should have royal assent. 0
22. Every day more and more badgers are being tortured and slaughtered. 1
23. Female badgers may give birth to as many as five offspring. 1
24. Fox, badger, weasel and stoat are regularly seen here. 1
25. Foxes, hares, badgers , raccoon dog and other over 20 grassland animals live on the grassland, in the woods and fields. 1
26. Fur garments are made of selected fur skins of weasel, Zhejiang lamb, blue fox, mink, raccoon, leopard, ferret, leopard cat, raccoon dog, badger, rabbit and so forth. 1
27. Further building development would threaten valuable badger and red squirrel habitats. 1
28. Girl spy played a badger game with John, John failed into her trick. 1
29. He became a protector of the species four years ago at a time when badger baiting had reached alarming proportions. 1
30. He chooses to believe that Hilary practically badgered her into her grave. 1




badgers (plural noun)

  - a heavily built omnivorous nocturnal mammal of the weasel family, typically having a gray and black coat.


badgers (third person present) · badgered (past tense) · badgered (past participle) · badgering (present participle)

  - repeatedly ask (someone) to do something; pester.


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