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# Sentence Times
1. “And picture that paper over there as the bad guy.” He nods at an assignment on his desk at the Derrick Thomas Academy charter school in Kansas City, Missouri. 1
2. “Everyone knows the problem, everyone knows the bad news, ” said Mr. Milarch, a ruddy, jovial chain-smoker and a sixth-generation arborist. 1
3. “Everyone knows the problem, everyone knows the bad news, ” said Mr. Milarch, a ruddy, jovial chain-smoker and a sixth-generation arborist. “This is the solution.” 1
4. 'How are you?' 'Not too bad.' 1
5. 'How much is he paying you?'--'Oh, five thousand.'--'Not bad.'. 1
6. 'If you make up a story about a uniformed valet with a name badge in a valet parking lot with a Lion chasing him around the car, it should provide enough information to get his name right. 1
7. 'It's in such a delicate part of the reef and the ship is in such a badly damaged state, that managing this process will require all the specialist expertize that we can bring to bear.' 1
8. 'Not bad,' she conceded grudgingly. 1
9. 'The situation in the inner cities is bad and getting worse,' she concluded. 1
10. 'There's no need for bad language,' said Edward piously. 1
11. 'They turned my art into a bad miniature golf course, ' Ms. Louden says. 1
12. 'Too bad,' she replied laconically. 1
13. 'Was it as bad as you expected?' Travis gave a wry smile. 1
14. 'When he starred in Men Behaving Badly he was a hard-partying urbanite off-screen as well as on. 0
15. " bad,'said Wu looking worried and toying with his moustache. 1
16. " Cold bad, Gorilla hate, " Koko tells me, as I stand, dripping, outside her caravan. 1
17. " Even if they keep on eating badly , they won't gain weight,'says CEO Andre G . Pemet. 1
18. " How are you? " " Well, not so bad, but it could be better. " 1
19. " I've even seen managers allow their teams to ostracize or marginalize the top performer so that other people won't "feel bad. 1
20. " Is badminton anything like tennis? "" No, as different as chalk from cheese. ”. 1
21. " It won't be that bad,'said Hsin - mei , brushing it off lightly. 1
22. " It's too bad you couldn't have been there, really. 1
23. " Jasmine said with her nose covered:"How come you have such a strong body odour?You smell so bad. 1
24. " There's some bad trouble here,'said Tom excitedly. 1
25. " You mustn't feel bad, " he said, kindly; " things will straighten out in the course of time. " 1
26. "'Tis known by the name of perseverance in a good cause, —and of obstinacy in a bad one" (Laurence Sterne). 1
27. "2009 will be characterised by bad and doubtful debts on the business side of things. 2010 will begin to move into the consumer side as unemployment begins to peak," he added. 1
28. "Allowing the CBI preference program to be used as a vehicle to transship large quantities of Brazilian ethanol to the US duty-free is simply bad trade policy, " Grassley said. 1
29. "At a time when it seems that any news is bad news for the greenback, today's data will not help much, " analysts at Brown Brothers Harriman said in a note. 1
30. "At first, I thought he was making a bad joke," Austrian broadcaster ORF quoted the woman, Helga Aichwalder, as saying. 1

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