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# Sentence Times
1. A long backpacking trip requires a lot of forethought. 1
2. As a major form of budget traveling, backpacking is becoming more and more popular and it also has been the first choice for the young during their holidays. 1
3. Baseball, badminton, golf, swimming or camping, or backpacking, or fishing. 1
4. Certainly, a backpacking trip in the high Sierras is not for everyone. 1
5. Daren:Let's go backpacking around the Greek islands this suer. I found a great travel guide with lists of places to stay and restaurant which aren't expensive. 1
6. Dave's verdict: an ideal tent for two people to take on backpacking trips, and for use on static camps. 1
7. Equipment Backpacks A wide range of backpacking sacks are available on the market. 1
8. Every summer they are backpacking in the Rockies. 1
9. Hillary and Robert are backpacking around Australia. Today, they are hiking near Darwin, Northern Territory. 1
10. Hip belts Essential for backpacking rucksacks, the hip belt takes most of the load off the shoulders. 1
11. I did not find any backpacking stove or mountaineering equipment either. 1
12. I walked from Newington to Waverley with minimally packed rucksack - I was getting the hang of this backpacking. 1
13. I'm not recommending backpacking with only a sleeping bag liner , but it is an option. 1
14. I'm planning to take a gap year and go backpacking in India. 1
15. I've used the Alpamayo for backpacking and Nordic ski touring and found it very stable. 1
16. If you're backpacking there are many campsites to choose from, especially on the more popular east side of the island. 1
17. It's backpacking, but with horses carrying the load and first-class meals, it's not roughing it. 1
18. It's light enough for backpacking and touring, yet strong enough for youth groups. 1
19. Last year, he went backpacking in the US. 1
20. No school will give you a bachelor's degree and not getting shot while backpacking through Eastern Africa, or avoiding Montezuma's revenge on your trek through Mexico. 1
21. Photo Gallery: The Open Road South Dakota's Black Hills area, seen here near Spearfish Canyon, is a popular backpacking and day-hiking destination. 1
22. Q I intend - for the first time - to continue my regular backpacking weekends right through the winter. 1
23. She did a year backpacking around the world. 1
24. She went solo backpacking for eight months in the Australian outback. 1
25. South Dakota's Black Hills area, seen here near Spearfish Canyon(This website/backpacking.html), is a popular backpacking and day-hiking destination. 1
26. Sue's very fond of hiking and backpacking. 1
27. The backpacking of oxygen is essential for astronauts. 1
28. The tent is light enough for backpacking and touring. 1
29. Their versatility and light weight makes them attractive for backpacking - albeit at a price. 1
30. They went backpacking in Spain last year. 1

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