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1. " Hence the need to identify axon guidance factors. He continues, "It is not enough to make the right cell type, you need to connect them to the right target. 1
2. "Strength-duration curve" of tibialis posterior muscle and axons growth rate of distal myelinated fiber were used as the viewing indexes. 1
3. A knob like enlargement at the end of an axon, where It'synapses with other neurons. 1
4. A neuron has only one axon. 1
5. A neurone is a cell with a small centre from which stem long strands called axons and dendrites. 1
6. A new algorithm is presented for recognizing planar objects from a line drawing under axonometric and perspective projections based on principle of homograph. 1
7. According to this general matrix, other transformation matrices of axonometric projectionmay be obtained. 1
8. Action potentials zip down axons at about 225 miles per hour. 1
9. After nerve injury, the nerve function can be compensated by axonal plasticity. 1
10. AIM:To detect the expression difference of axonemal dynein gene DNAI in bronchial tissues between the smoker and the non smoker, and to explore the effect of smoking on axonemal dynein gene. 2
11. An average cortical neuron has an axon with perhaps 10, 000 side branches. 1
12. An axonal terminal was seen synapsing to both a spine of a perikaryon and a dendrite. 1
13. And wide gaps appeared between axon and myelin sheath, and between layers of myelin shea. 1
14. ATP released from an axon was indeed triggering calcium influx into Schwann cells. 1
15. BACKGROUND: Methyl cobalamin, a derivative of vitamin B12, can promote the metabolism of nucleic acid protein, axoplasmic transport and axonal regeneration. 1
16. BACKGROUND:Mechanic pressure could cause neurocyte death. Both direct mechanic injury and complex pathophysiological mechanism can induce the pathological changes of axon and neuronal soma. 1
17. Based on the basic principle of axonometric projection by method of einschneiderfahren, this paper used it in perspective drawing. 1
18. But unlike a microprocessor that has many output wires, a neuron has only one, its axon. 1
19. By argentaffin staining, regenerated axons grew in tissues of injured region, which mostly accompanied with fascicular-arranged multipolar cells. 1
20. By PD 13, few callosal axons were found in medial area 17, indicating the existence of transitory callosal axons in area 17 at younger ages. 2
21. Cajal examined nervous tissue from embryos, and noticed that the axon and dendrites grow out of the cell body of the neuron. 1
22. CGRP and SP have been demonstrated co-existing in sensory neuron, axons surrounding dermal blood vessels, and unmyelinated nerve endings in skin. 1
23. Cilia are located on almost all cell types of the human body, the basic structure includes a microtubule cytoskeleton, the axoneme, and the surrounding ciliary membrane. 1
24. Cilia are located on almost all cell types of the human body, the basic structure includes a microtubule cytoskeleton, the axoneme,(This website/human body.html) and the surrounding ciliary membrane. 1
25. Conclusion The conduit is a valuable method for repair of intracranial oculomotor nerve with a results equal to or slight superior to axonal regeneration compared with nerve grafting in cats. 1
26. Conclusion: The axons in hippocampus were eugonic in the newly born rats. However, duration of embryo and adulthood may be the principal phase of the synaptic formation. 1
27. Conclusion:Magnetized low intensity semiconductor laser could promote the function of the spine motor nerve cells and accelerate the axonal regeneration. 1
28. Conclusion:The axonal reinnervation of sensory nerve endings from the proximal stump to distal implanted nerve in end-to-side nerve neurorrhaphy is feasible. 1
29. CONCLUSION:The degree of denervation is a marker for rehabilitative diagnosis of FP, and is related to the destruction degree of myelin sheath and axon. 1
30. Do active axons stimulate developing Schwann cells or their precursors to divide? 1





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