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1. “We’re making sure that everybody is aware of what’s in store for them, ” says US Coast Guard Senior Chief Petty Officer Steve Carleton. 1
2. " happens at the very initial stages of visual processing, at the very first moment they are aware of the photo," says Maner. 1
3. "As far as I'm aware this is the most complete and long term data set for little bits of trash floating in the ocean," said oceanographer Miriam Goldstein of Scripps Institution of Oceanography. 1
4. "Children in Somalia may not even be getting diagnosed with autism due to the overall lack of awareness of the disorder, " Berkowitz says, in a nod to the fact that there is no Somalian word for it. 1
5. "Children in Somalia may not even be getting diagnosed with autism due to the overall lack of awareness of the disorder, " Berkowitz says,(This website/somalian.html) in a nod to the fact that there is no Somalian word for it. 1
6. "For a reason that everyone is aware of, we are temporarily stopping our wi-fi service, " announced the Beijing-based Kubrick bookstore, according to the China Business News. 1
7. "I saw then that fetal alcohol syndrome was much more common than people thought ... Public awareness started with our initial research," he says. 1
8. "I, too, am well aware of it by the increasing preference for velvet stuffs, " said the furrier. 1
9. "In terms of real power — economic and political — we are still just beginning, " Gloria Steinem admitted. "But the consciousness, the awareness — that will never be the same." 1
10. "Mr. Bay was very aware and impressed with the E-3 and what it provides to combatant commanders in theater, " said Lt. Col. Jimmy Warren, the 965th AACS commander and project officer for the trip. 1
11. "The Committee on FLE Publicity Campaign" was later formed to launch territory-wide publicity campaigns biennially to promote public awareness on the importance of FLE and the concerned services. 1
12. "The inmates may die through suffocation, and they may be aware because the thiopental is insufficient, " Zimmers says. 1
13. "We're targeting the younger generation. They're more aware of hygiene," Zhang said. "Though I keep telling older people that the bidet helps with constipation." 1
14. A child will not have been in school many days before he is made aware of individual differences among his classmates. 1
15. A child's awareness of being an individual grows in stages during the pre-school years. 1
16. A dazed Fourth Aunt lay in bed, vaguely aware that some one was tugging on her arm. 1
17. A feeling of one-upmanship has been brewing within you for a while, and it may crystallize unless you become aware of the tendency. 1
18. A few years after revealing her diagnosis, Collyar said, she became aware of rumors questioning her ability to perform. 1
19. A few years back, many stress experts attributed all the talk about overstress in the workplace to people just being more aware of their stress. 1
20. A first step is to try to raise our own awareness of the issues involved in multicultural education generally. 1
21. A further motive for rethinking organisational structures has been the growing awareness of potential conflict of interest. 1
22. A good teacher is aware of the extremely varied needs of each student. 1
23. A good way of ridding yourself of certain kinds of dogmatism is to become aware of opinions held in social circles different from your own. 1
24. A handful of zealots at bus stops manipulates Belfast workers who are freshly aware of possible bombings on urban streets. 1
25. A handless model in Belgium who posed in a bra to raise awareness of disability issues has become an overnight celebrity, the Daily Mail of London reported. 1
26. A heightening of the students' sense of political awareness was to be avoided. 1
27. A lack of awareness of cultural differences or insensitivity to local customs can create problems. 1
28. A man rides his motorbike past a notice board promoting AIDS and HIV awareness campaigns by Medecin de Monde in Kpomasse near Cotonou November 28(This website/notice board.html), 2007 . 1
29. A manual reset event which is explicitly aware of the Concurrency Runtime. 1
30. A marketing programme would increase awareness of opportunities. 1

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