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# Sentence Times
1. 'Paul McCartney: Many Years from Now' is an authorized biography of the former Beatle by Barry Miles. 1
2. "Authorized shares" means the shares of all classes a domestic or foreign corporation is authorized to issue. 1
3. "The Authorizer" is also to consider if a confined space permit is necessary should excavation form any part of an enclosure. 0
4. "This guy ties everybody together, " says a veteran U.S. intelligence officer who has been watching Kashmiri's rise to prominence closely but is not authorized to speak publicly. 1
5. A bill to authorize the transfer of items in the War Reserves Stockpile for Allies, Korea. 1
6. A certificate issued by a duly authorized manager of the buyer from the issuing date stating the avowal and warrant substantiality to be reality and accurate. 1
7. A Conventional Fix Pack Process begins with the identification of the recommended list of Authorized Program Analysis Report (APAR) Fixes that would be going into the Fix Pack. 0
8. A declaration made in a prescribed form before a justice of the peace, notary public, or other person authorized to administer an oath. 1
9. A dividend paid to shareholders in the form of authorized but hitherto unissued shares. 1
10. A further Council of Ministers resolution adopted on Sept. 26 authorized the use of soldiers to assist in the harvest. 1
11. A group of banks authorized to be involved as the creditor of part of loan transaction. 1
12. A guarantee expiration certificate shall be signed by the authorized representative of Licensee at its expiration and submitted to Licensor. 1
13. A lawyer for Country Crossing developer Ronnie Gilley says his client never authorized any bribes and trusted the lobbyist to operate ethically. 1
14. A magistrate may issue a warrant authorizing an authorized officer to enter and search the premises. 1
15. A master policy could only be issued by the business department of an insurer's head office or that of its authorized province-level branch offices. 1
16. A party can only waive rights under this Agreement by executing a written waiver signed by a duly authorized representative. 1
17. A person shall be liable for using a domain name under subparagraph (A) only if that person is the domain name registrant or that registrant's authorized licensee. 1
18. A quota was established, and government officials were authorized to destroy inferior and excess production. 1
19. A secured lockable cabinet to store all keys is to be placed at the Housekeeping office with only authorized staff to have access to keys. 1
20. A senior member of the committee was authorized to act for the chairman during his absence. 1
21. A week later, a different Brooklyn judge ruled the same database was not authorized by state law. He ordered authorities to return a rape suspect's DNA profile without including it in the database. 1
22. Abrasives, Adhesives , Tapes Wipers , Washroom Products , 3 M Authorized Distributor , Kimberly - Clark Distributor. 0
23. Access Can an unauthorized user successfully access a control that only the administrators are authorized to use? 1
24. Access to the retention Samples must be limited to authorized persons. Any withdrawal of Material from retention Samples must be authorized by Quality Assurance and Documented. 2
25. According to the theory of procedure self-control, the hearing officer should be authorized proper substantive power , with justice and efficiency being ... 1
26. According to the theory of procedure self-control, the hearing officer should be authorized proper substantive power , with justice and efficiency being considered. 1
27. Accounting Supervisor check and sign on the cycle count report, authorize OP to post data. 1
28. Additional Fees: Corporations whose authorized capital exceeds the minimum shares without par value, or its equivalent. 1
29. After acceptance speech, President Obama will be well positioned to authorize a disclosure announcement. 1
30. After an authorized agent terms of the contract in accordance with customer orders for futures trading. 1

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