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# Sentence Times
1. "Main Offender" is the standout visually as well as aurally. 1
2. A method for determination of auramine O in legume -food by high performance . liquid chromatography-diode array detector (DAD) was studied. 1
3. A small tree(Citrus aurantium subsp. bergamia) commercially grown chiefly in southern Italy for its sour citrus fruits, the rinds of which yield an aromatic oil. 1
4. A spark, a swagger, an aura of confidence. 1
5. A spiny evergreen shrub or tree(Citrus aurantifolia, and edible fruit. 1
6. A spiny evergreen shrub or tree(Citrus aurantifolia), native to Asia and having leathery leaves, fragrant white flowers, and edible fruit. 1
7. Ahead the red light glowed evilly and the spectral figures moved into its aura to become cardboard silhouettes. 1
8. AIM: To study the bioactive constituents of the immature fruits of Citrus aurantium. 1
9. All of this was aurally transmitted and aurally taught. 2
10. Almost all of Massenet's works are pervaded with an aura of eroticism. 1
11. Although several studies reported silent brain lesions on neuroimaging in patients with migraine with aura, knowledge about lesion patterns in acute migrainous infarction is scarce. 1
12. An apparatus, system, and method are disclosed for aurally indicating progress. 1
13. An aura of holiness and specialness also surrounds stories of the birth and early childhood of psychoanalyst and family therapist Craig Fouassis. 1
14. An indirect competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for detecting Vtg content in the blood of male Carassius auratus was developed with antiserum of lipovitellin resistance as an. 1
15. And even when he's off-duty, O'Neill happily embraces the aura of a man most would consider a burden. 1
16. And would its spiritual aura survive the debasing onslaught of materialism? 1
17. Anti - Psyker aura nullifies all enemy special abilities in their vicinity. 1
18. Architectural drawings try to express as accurately as possible the aura of the building in its intended place. 1
19. As commonly occurs with solo harpsichord and guitar recordings, a reduced volume setting is needed to give the correct aural loudness. 1
20. As we know, the experiences of visual and aural which supplied by hard interface cannot meet the needs of user. So we need more tactual experiences. 1
21. At present judo, which has peen given an aura of mysticism, is used in body building to develop an offensive spirit. 1
22. At present, auralization software and research fruit based on geometrical acoustics can't solve problems above. 1
23. Aurantii nobilis pericarpium extractive: aurantii nobilis pericarpium extractive is the active component which comes from the desiccative pericarp of ripe fruit of the orange belonging to rue family. 1
24. Azimuth and elevation are important properties for aural presentation. 1
25. Based on laboratory observations, leafhopper, Empoasca pirisuga, the citrus spiny whitefly, Aleurocanthus spiniferus, and tea aphid, Toxoptera aurantii were the main preys of the spiders. 1
26. Blood aura Will now always do the correct amount of healing, based on the actual damage taken of the target. 1
27. Both auralization and visualization are very important for building up a virtual sound environment. 1
28. But at this awkward moment, Aurangzeb suddenly recovered. 0
29. But Aurangzeb was rarely prepared to rely on military prowess alone. 0
30. But Aurangzeb's troops forbade the holy man to accept the gift. 0

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