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# Sentence Times
1. 'Hello,' said Auguste cheerily. His good cheer was not returned. 0
2. 'I am training her to cook for royalty,' Auguste said grandly. 0
3. " Robert Kincaid came to me on the sixteenth of august, a Monday, in 1965. 1
4. "By august 31st, 2010, our combat mission in Iraq will end, " said Mr. Obama. 1
5. "No one really wants to come to market in august unless they have to. It shows these new sellers have a compelling need to sell," Rightmove commercial director Miles Shipside said in a statement. 1
6. "PMK is also sponsoring a camp for 300 tobacco-farm children in July and august of this year, " he said in the e-mail to TIME. 1
7. "The U.S. economy is highly resilient and has a strong capacity for self-repairment, " Xi told the business round-table meeting august 19 at the Beijing Hotel. 1
8. "There are lights coming on in the continent, " says Bozer, minutes after stepping out of an august meeting with Coke's Zambian bottler and local company executives in Lusaka. 1
9. 1956:German poet and playwright Bertolt Brecht was born on august 14th. 1
10. 23A surfer passes the broken end of the Bogue Inlet Fishing Pier in Emerald Isle, N.C. on august 28, 2011. 1
11. A 1, 200-year-old cave painting of a Maya ballplayer is a recent find when it appears on the august 1981 cover of National Geographic. 1
12. A baby boy without a name, either abandoned or rescued from domestic or drug violence, rests in a crib at the Ciudad Juarez branch of Mexico's DIF family development agency august 16, 2010. 1
13. A Canadian Navy CH-124 Sea King helicopter from the frigate HMCS Toronto flies by the terrain of Baffin Island along the shores of Frobisher Bay in the Canadian Arctic august 19, 2009. 1
14. A commuter plane overshot the runway Sunday night in Augusta. 0
15. A devout Roman Catholic, he was born on august 13, 1927, and educated at Jesuit institutions in Santiago de Cuba and in Havana. 1
16. A dragon puppet moves between a school of carp puppets during the opening ceremony of the Youth Olympic Games at the Marina Bay floating platform in Singapore on august 14, 2010. 1
17. A first round of six way talks bringing together North and South Korea, China, Japan, Russia and the United States in Beijing ended inconclusively in august. 1
18. A first win in the group-and a first World Cup win since august 1996-seemed at hand. 1
19. A Florida schoolteacher, Robyn Gioia, tells the story of Spanish explorer Pedro Menendez who founded Saint Augustine, Florida. 0
20. A follow-up study that looks at the long-term effects of transcendental meditation and muscle relaxation is expected to be completed in august. 1
21. A formal ceremony inaugurating the short extension to the northwestern branch was scheduled for august 25. 1
22. A full rack should be taken and ice axes and crampons may be needed up to about august. 1
23. A further negotiation session was planned for late September, but the august talks ended amid mutual accusations. 1
24. A helicopter with tourists on board flies in front of Angel Falls, the world's highest waterfall, also known as "Salto Angel" at Canaima National Park, in southeastern Venezuela on august 23, 2009. 1
25. A I guess it will be not so hot in august. 1
26. A locomotive engine crosses the Sino-Russia border on august 28, 2009 in Manzhouli, Hulun Buir, Inner Mongolia, China. 1
27. A low cost, real time turbulence data acquisition system has been developed and successfully operated in the pilot experiment of HEIFE held in a Gobi desert station, august to September of 1988. 1
28. A lower court in Hawaii is expected to uphold such legalization in a case with opening arguments that begin in august. 1
29. A major offensive was launched on august 22. 1
30. A meadowlark called from the roadside grass. Nothing else moved in the white sun of august. 1

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