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# Sentence Times
1. Ph.D., assistant professor in the Duke Department of Medicine and an attending physician in the Duke Clinics for Pain and Palliative Care. 1
2. (Bandit and Mark will also be attending the Furry Fun Run in the morning at UAlbany while I sleep in). 1
3. " Jack Nicholson, Beatty's neighbor and a previous honoree, said: "For years, Warren has dreamed of attending these awards. 1
4. "Singing in the Rain" begins with its stars attending a movie premiere. 1
5. "That will be a time of real terror for a lot of people, and I don't know what I'll do," said Clifford Glassel, 68, a retired product engineer from Red Oak, Iowa who was attending his sixth meeting. 1
6. A few years later I ended up attending a community college. 1
7. A minimum of £60,000 would be needed to cover fees for two children attending public school from age nine to 18. 1
8. A mishap prevented him from attending the routine meeting of the company. 1
9. A seraph attending the throne flew over, and touched him at the very point where he felt most unworthy. 1
10. A vessel was setting sail for Algiers, board of which the bustle usually attending departure prevailed. 1
11. About one-eighth of secondary pupils in Northern Ireland attend grammar secondary schools, the remainder attending secondary intermediate schools. 1
12. Administrate on – site the completion of work, including attending regular site meetings. 1
13. After a year he had enrolled at City College, which he had learned of through a cousin who was attending. 1
14. After all that media attention, the whole event turned out to be a bit of a damp squib, with very few people attending. 1
15. After attending a local nursery school, some children had been able to write their own names. 1
16. After attending a meeting, I should go as soon as possible domestic and international branch looks, give the employee that associate people bosomy strike is strong. 1
17. After attending Baylor University in Texas and, like his dad, Duke medicalschool, Rand moved to Bowling Green, Ky., with his wife Kelley Ashby and openedan eye-surgery practice. 1
18. After attending church, the family would go home for dinner. 1
19. After attending last week's ScienceOnline conference in North Carolina, Dave Munger asks whether relying on titillating tactics is a boon or bane for promoting science to the public. 1
20. After attending the workshop, participants were able to taste a glass of wine by appreciating its colour, clarity, aroma, flavour and length of after-taste. 1
21. After attending two preparatory schools, he was admitted as a scholar to Winchester College in 1752. 1
22. After her divorce, Dunham married Indonesian student Lolo Soetoro attending college in Hawaii. 1
23. Again, no full account of a formation can be given without attending to individual differences inside it. 1
24. All Nutcrackered out, you have no intention of attending one more holiday spectacular show. 1
25. All personnel attending the training programme should be provided with a certificate, pocket tightness guide and hard hat sticker or some means of identification. 1
26. Almost 2. 5 million young people were attending college. 1
27. Also attending will be those draftees signed after the June 4-6 free-agent draft. 1
28. Always stress what can be seen to cohere and fit together before attending to what does not fit. 1
29. Among the perks of attending an online college is the flexible schedule and leftover time to hang out, read, play video games, or even socialize. 1
30. Among those attending the ceremony was Senator Hilary Rodham Clinton, a Vital Voice board member. 1

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