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# Sentence Times
1. "One may get a jar-type attachment for the garden hose, for example, by which such extremely dangerous chemicals as chlordane or dieldrin are applied as one waters the lawn, " she observed. 1
2. "provision" on the very first article : "For all of whom had to set mortgage housing, the people's courts can attachment, and under mortgagee application to the auction, sale or set-off. 1
3. A caring relative who has a strong attachment to the old person may find the vulnerability of the loved one nearly intolerable. 1
4. A company which refused to make attachment of earnings deductions against one poll tax offender, was fined £200 by magistrates. 1
5. A dust mop (110, debris-collecting protrusions (140), and one or more attachment members is provided. 1
6. A gracious Chiyonofuji noted that Takahanada, in his deep attachment to each bout, was totally different from other sumo wrestlers. 1
7. A light covering of soil must be given and the pans watered with a fine rose attachment. 1
8. A little of cytoderm expansins attachment to the diachyma cytoderm of drought situation, mostly fallen off intercellular space. 1
9. A modest negative association was found between neurotic symptoms and availability of attachment and social integration. 1
10. A new ion S-N-C co-diffusion plus Ar-bombardment treatment process for the Starer crankshaft was introduced, with a specially designed attachment to control the deformation during the process. 1
11. A precursor of the non-wetting monolayer may include a thiol termination, the attachment region may include gold atoms, and the outer surface of the fluid ejector may include silicon atoms. 1
12. A pump attachment that you can fix to a power drill is useful for emptying the pond to a respectably low level. 1
13. A recent pilot project of social work attachment in general practice has been undertaken recently in Upton on Severn. 1
14. A safety clip or retainer must be installed to prevent attachments, such as chisels on a chipping hammer, from being unintentionally shot from the barrel. 1
15. A sleeveless cashmere sweater has an attachment that can be collar, scarf or shawl. 1
16. A sling, locking carabiner, and petzl string (keeper) were used for the point of attachment to the top anchors. 1
17. A small at the base of a basidiospore near its attachment the sterigma. 1
18. A small projection at the base of a basidiospore near its attachment to the sterigma. 1
19. A standard handler, provided by WSE, takes care of packaging these attachments with the outgoing message. 1
20. A suitable device was used instead of the original Dewar flask in the phosphorescence attachment of the spectrophotometer. 1
21. A support arm system (10 for attachment to a surface (18, for removable insertion in the socket (16). 1
22. A support arm system (10 for attachment to a surface (18,(This website/insertion.html. 1
23. A Wolf drill attachment has come into my possession. 1
24. ABA and ethrel spray treatment sharply decreased the attachment of stem to the fruit. 1
25. Above all, each coalition owed as much to a revulsion from old attachments as to the attractions of new ones. 1
26. According to Buddhist psychology, most of our troubles are due to passionante desire for and attachment to things that we misapprehend as enduring entities. 1
27. According to characteristics of BB and A, ABB can be classified to three structure types: attachment form, subject-predicate form and complement form. 1
28. Acid conditioning was an important factor in inducing osteogenesis, cementogenesis and periodontal new attachment. 1
29. Advance in research on microorganism attachment and ennoblement of open-circuit-potential of passive metals in seawater . 1
30. After the attachment executes, the sandbox is figuratively raked smooth again, discarding any permanent file changes attempted by the attachment. 2

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