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# Sentence Times
1. A glowing tan embodies health, athleticism, and sophistication. 1
2. A time when adventure came first and pure athleticism played only a minor role in the great climbing game. 1
3. But every race is a complex equation? a balance of economics, athleticism, equine grace and conscience. 1
4. But surely, a speaker could have conveyed an impression of athleticism simply by saying that they sprinted up the hill. 1
5. But they have more to lose: their traditional dominance of the field, their lock on the very notion of athleticism. 1
6. But what was totally unfamiliar was the athleticism and poised stage presence she had achieved in such a short time. 1
7. Clearly the range is related to the level of athleticism. 1
8. Each of these sports isn't won through sheer athleticism alone. 1
9. Femininity and athleticism have long been at odds with each other. 1
10. Games were not even made compulsory in state schools until 1944 despite the importance of athleticism in private education. 1
11. Grace and athleticism are optional for males in human courtship, but both are mandatory in manakin courting. 1
12. He already had the body and athleticism of an NBA player. 1
13. He brings defense. He brings talent. He brings athleticism. That's a lot. 1
14. He had what appeared to be the vestiges of some erstwhile athleticism. 1
15. Her athleticism drew the admiration of the crowd. 1
16. His music is characterized by a happy athleticism. 1
17. His specialty is probably defense. He'an all - around player , but defensively, with the athleticism -- he's tough. 1
18. His versatility, athleticism and ability the 3 - pointer certainly fit our style of play. 1
19. I admire the sublime ability, speed and athleticism of Mayweather, as I did Pernell Whitaker. 1
20. I still think the Rockets need to work on adding athleticism to their team. 1
21. In a magazine article that compared the training rigors and athleticism in various Olympic sports, the rowers rated highest. 1
22. Lorne wanted reassurance about his youthfulness, athleticism and general popularity. 1
23. Martinez moved around and up the poll with the athleticism of an accomplished gymnast, twisting, turning and pivoting with balletic grace. 1
24. Mr. Martinez moved around and up the poll with the athleticism of an accomplished gymnast, twisting, turning and pivoting with balletic grace. 1
25. Perhaps it's because we humans tend to associate protein with fitness and athleticism. 1
26. Randolph is a 6 - foot - 11 forward with crazy long arms , explosive athleticism and tons of energy. 1
27. She moved with great athleticism about the court. 1
28. So I'll go with Julius Erving, not only for his statistical accomplishments, but for his cultural impact, pioneering the artistry and athleticism the small forward position is known for today. 1
29. Sportsbridge, a new nonprofit organization designed to promote athleticism for women, had brought the pair together. 1
30. The ideal of aesthetic athleticism, as embodied in her dancers, is the moving force that steers her work. 1




  - the physical qualities that are characteristic of athletes, such as strength, fitness, and agility.


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