Assertive Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use assertive, so you can learn how to use assertive in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word assertive here, and see the words sound like or similar to assertive

# Sentence Times
1. "You don't need to do that," said Pearl assertively. 1
2. A clear mind: Be assertive, but mindful of others. 1
3. A more assertive leadership could intensify these battles. 1
4. A trine between Mars and Pluto shows that the assertiveness in your nature is well aligned with your dedication to causes. 1
5. A very ripe, assertive, profoundly structured and traditional warm year for Grange whose dark, brooding and brambly fruit and lavish oak are supported by drying, firm and chalky tannin. 1
6. Accepting criticism Accepting valid criticism is also part of this group of assertive actions. 1
7. Alfred is much the more adventurous and assertive of the two. 1
8. All big countries with troubled banks have acted assertively on this. 1
9. Among assertive, learned, or eloquent people, she seemed to feel her dowdiness and insufficiency. 1
10. And assertive - as seen in our electronic banking technology. 1
11. And they are surprised to learn that boys who lack assertiveness often express their pent-up anger by being ineffectual. 1
12. Another attempt is being made to run an assertiveness course in the North-East. 1
13. Any handbook on assertiveness techniques will tell you that the first rule is to make eye contact with your interviewers. 1
14. As it happens, the Supreme Court, the auditor-general, a panoplyof civil activists and a more assertive press have all helped to hold the corrupt to account this year. 1
15. As that happens and people become wealthier, they also become more self-confident and assertive, creating pressure for self-government and therefore democracy. 1
16. As the Tao operates impartially in the universe, so should mankind disavow assertive, purposive action. 1
17. Assertiveness assertive behavior is active, direct, and honest. 1
18. Assertiveness Training Assertiveness skills start from a basic premise - that we all have certain rights. 0
19. At the heart of healthy interpersonal communication is the skill of assertiveness. 1
20. Auburn Street from the assertive Lampoon Building in Cambridge, is the very model of a modern minor public space. 1
21. Auburn Street from the assertive Lampoon Building, is the very model of a modern minor public space. 1
22. Be assertive and spell out exactly how you feel. 1
23. Be assertive rather than bottle up your anger. 1
24. Before panic spreads, it is worth noting that China's assertiveness reflects weakness as well as strength. 1
25. Beijing's assertiveness discredited those Americans who were most willing to compromise with China. 1
26. Being financially assertive is essential for survival. 1
27. Bluntly, assertively refusing to comply with their demands withers them, because in their warped emotional environment, one person in each twosome must always dominate, the other be dominated. 1
28. But developing a sense of this is essential to wellbeing; assertiveness training and learning self-defence can both help. 1
29. But in being assertive, she is no less a nice person. 1
30. But it is already far more assertive than Japan. 1

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