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# Sentence Times
1. A mugger assailed him on the dark street. 1
2. A vile smell assailed my nostrils. 1
3. Anyone who does commit the solecism of talking or writing about class in America is assailed at once by a problem of definition. 1
4. As soon as the young man returned home,his parents assailed him with questions about the interview. 1
5. At Dulwich is a painting, Hero and Leandro (for Christopher Marlowe), that is a white misty spume of oceanic spray assailed by a bloody smear of red. Blood in water, it seemed to me. 1
6. At the mention of Tientsin a swarm of doubts had assailed his over - wrought mind. 1
7. At the mention of Tientsin a swarm of doubts had assailed his over - wrought mind. This website 1
8. Bill Clinton had a nose that glowed red, almost to luminousness, as his allergies assailed him. 1
9. Cole had never seen such an assertive killer before, she repeatedly assailed the guards, and tried to asphyxiate her cell mate. 1
10. Every night he was assailed by ever more dreadful dreams. 1
11. Everything about him assailed her senses in a way she resented bitterly yet seemed unable to do anything about. 1
12. For all the woes that assailed us during the drought, I was happy, much happier than would have seemed possible. 1
13. He assailed other reactionary regimes sanctified by Napoleon's final defeat, prior to which he toured the Continent. 1
14. He had been assailed as a coward and a defeatist by his own friends. 1
15. He was assailed as an oppressor of the people, who ground the faces of the poor. 1
16. He was assailed for gross misconduct. 1
17. He was assailed with fierce blows to the head. 1
18. Her cheeks were assailed by minute pinpricks of fire. 1
19. Her husband was assailed by a young man with a knife in a Glasgow park. 1
20. His patrols halted the raiding assailed the Danish army. 1
21. His patrols haltedthe raiding parties : hunger assailed the Danish army. 1
22. I am assailed by disappointment, no one will endeavour to sustain me in dejection. 1
23. I am assailed by the usual volley of self-accusations: What am I looking for anyway? 1
24. In her bedroom she was assailed by restlessness. 1
25. In the ensuing debate Gorbachev found himself assailed by conservatives and radicals alike over his policies and his record. 1
26. In the western world the plebeian or popular element in each state successfully assailed the oligarchical monopoly; and a code was nearly universally obtained early in the history of the Commonwealth. 1
27. It assailed her with all the violence of her fervid imagination. 1
28. Just now, assailed by a sudden attack of nerves, she hoped it would be later. 1
29. Many were convinced of Thornton's guilt and he was assailed in local and London newspapers. 1
30. Or might an innocent acquirer be assailed for failing to satisfy some other requirement? 1

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