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# Sentence Times
1. 'The rigidity and internal irregularities ofMARC are beginning to create problems for catalogers and users, ' saysDavid Flanders in the article 'Applying XML to the BibliographicDescription.' 1
2. " demands the Daily Telegraph in an article condemning contemporary sexy schoolgirl fashions, while Tokyo's Daily Yomiuri refers to "the Lolita-like sex appeal" of preteen Japanese anime characters. 1
3. " in fact, "Demon animal disturbance " the influence is returned not merely hereat , internet knows a personage to thank article criterion to think, this is the beginning of domino effect. 1
4. " The original version of this article referred to Jomo Kenyatta as a "Mau Mau rebel. 1
5. " urban real estate collateral management practices "provisions of article 37, paragraph 2 :" The mortgagee consent, may transfer or rental of real estate collateral. 1
6. " Wonga Jewelry"mostly manage inartificial jewelry and jade article, include emerald, crystal etc. 1
7. "a" pacifying "and" anti-something "contest" is not the author of the article "elaborate on this. 1
8. "aggrieved Party" shall have the meaning set out in article 16.1. 1
9. "aggrieved Party" shall have the meaning set out in article 17.1. 1
10. "Indemnitee" means any person who makes a claim for indemnification under this article and each Affiliate of the Indemnitee. 1
11. "Indemnitor" means any person against whom an Indemnitee makes a claim for indemnification under this article. 1
12. "It was notclear, following the American Revolution and Articles of Confederation, that the presidency would work, " saysRutgers Universityhistorian David Greenberg. 0
13. "Obligee" as mentioned in this article refers to the owner of business secrets and the person who is permitted by the owner to use the business secrets. 1
14. "provision" on the very first article : "For all of whom had to set mortgage housing, the people's courts can attachment, and under mortgagee application to the auction, sale or set-off. 1
15. "Serious music fans, meanwhile, rave about his varied catalogue, which exposed them to an exciting mix of rock 'n' roll, country, gospel and other musical forms," the article said. 1
16. "Signatory" means either a Party or an entity designated in accordance with article 2 (3), for which the Operating Agreement has entered into force. 1
17. "Spring Stool" is a popular article of furniture in Ming and Qing dynasties, which is just a wide and long bench without backrest. 1
18. "Structural Anthropology" is the author of articles published over the years compilations, on behalf of the author's anthropological study of the most important achievements. 1
19. "Swallow" an article, comes the shape from the multiple perspectives, has highlighted swallow's unattractiveness and lovable... 1
20. "That is what inspired us to do the experiment, " she said referring to her collaborator and lead author of the article, Irina Pettersson, also a researcher at Uppsala. 1
21. "The cultural enlightenment from excavating the tomb of Qinshi Huang will surpass the pyramids of Egypt, " Zhang Wuchang of Hong Kong University said in a recent article that has sparked the debate. 1
22. "To Convict and Punish illegitimately"is one of the composing articles of the criminal codes of the Qing Imperial Code, which mainly was used to restrict officials in trials. 1
23. "Transaction Documents" means the CJV Contract, these Articles and the Subscription Agreement. 0
24. "We want to pre-empt any auction of Gandhi items in the future by making it known that selling or buying these heritage articles is illegal, " the official was quoted as saying. 1
25. A 2007 article by a National Institutes of Health researcher in the journal Clinics in Liver Disease listed comfrey, chaparral and kava among other herbs potentially tied to liver damage. 1
26. A bail-out for Greece, once taboo, is now being debated—and German ministers have even come out in favour of a putative European Monetary Fund (see article). 0
27. A bibliographic guide of ephemera and performing arts ephemeral materials citing relevant monographs, articles, journals and websites will be handed out for reference. 1
28. A big advantage of using SimpleJPA is that it attempts to seamlessly handle the lexicographic issues I discussed in the first half of this article. 1
29. A bill to set a price has achieved a remarkable degree of cross - party support ( see article ). 1
30. A black market in import article of clothing. 1

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