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# Sentence Times
1. "Ningbo Radio and Television Group blocked Hunan Satellite TV" had aroused strong repercussions in the community, and even developed into a "public issue". 1
2. "President-elect Obama is going to be the spark that arouses the 'white movement,' "reads a posting on the National Socialist Movement Web site. 1
3. A great deal of anger was aroused by Campbell's decision. 1
4. A hateful person is one that arouses feelings of hatred in you. 1
5. A healthy woman is not physically aroused if her sex organs do not show any tumescence , i. e there is no engorgement with blood. 1
6. A loud bugle aroused everyone from sleep. 1
7. A man doing a handstand in the town centre is likely to arouse interest. 1
8. A new consumer product must be introduced with a suitable advertising campaign to arouse an interest in it. 1
9. A pat humorous tale may sometimes arouse a big laugh. 1
10. A pat tale aroused a big laugh. 1
11. A plan is taking shape, and it arouses obvious enthusiasm in some quarters. 1
12. A sleeping person can usually be aroused to full alertness, just by a loud voice. 1
13. A sleeping person can usually be aroused to full alertness,(This website/aroused.html) just by a loud voice. 1
14. Abraham LincolnI was losing interest in politics, when the repeal of the Missouri Compromise aroused me again. 1
15. According to the Daily Mail of November 22, Newsweek magazine depicted President Obama as the Hindu deity Lord Shiva on its recent cover of the same day, which arouses Indian-American group's outrage. 1
16. After I viewed over this article, I guess it must aroused high controversy and different vox populi to extent. 1
17. After I viewed over this article, I guess it must aroused high controversy and different vox populi to extent. It's hard to express the topic well, but it doesn't mean that can't speak clearly. 1
18. After-burning might be caused by inadequate combustion of fuel or badly heat-dispersed condition aroused by low air or gas velocity after boiler outage. 1
19. All of the world are regarding the hurt aroused by hacker intrusion, information leakiness and virus flood as importance.This website 1
20. All the forces of isolationism would have been aroused if any part of interchanges had transpired. 1
21. All this was done with great success and without any suspicions being aroused. 1
22. Along with a series of social public security accident which have larger social impact appeared recently in China, public liability insurance gradually aroused people's special attention. 1
23. Along with the development of construction business, the quality of building project arouses solicitude more. 1
24. Although it quickly subsided, what I was able to catch was sufficient to arouse suspicion. 1
25. Amongst the many economic indicators in an economy, interest rates arouse a great deal of public attention. 1
26. An amateur photographer on the shore captured last week's clash on videotape and its revelations aroused outrage. 1
27. An increased number of cases concerning the confirmation and disclosure of non-recurring gains and losses in recent years have aroused the concerns of the theory circle on accounting. 1
28. An individual who has been deprived of sleep is more difficult to arouse because sleep that follows sleep deprivation is very deep. 1
29. An unexplainable aroused from my heart. 1
30. And DO you, " said Valentine, "depend on me to stimulate the tardiness and arouse the memory of grandpapa? 1

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