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# Sentence Times
1. A "Newsnight" reporter found the snap of the apparently well-oiled college archery club in 1975 while researching a student photograph of Conservative leader David Cameron. 1
2. A collection of fishing, archery , paintball, canoeing, water yo-yo, bamboo cutting, Happy yo-yo market and lawn and many other entertainment. 1
3. A few athletes were practicing shooting at the archery target. 1
4. A record dated 1665 shows that at that time the archery contests were held over 4 days. 1
5. Activities available include squash, archery and swimming to name but a few. 1
6. An ancient Indian sage was teaching his disciples archery. 1
7. Are Archie and Audrey's archery arrows as arty as Artie's archery arrows? 2
8. Before, archery was a series of flights of shooters aiming at a target and counting up their scores. 1
9. Bow and arrow: archery shoot the enemy. 1
10. But not Adams, who finally landed one of three spots last week in the final stage of the 1996 archery trials. 1
11. Do you know whey there are two archery fields there? 1
12. Female shooter Li Jie from Inner Mongolia failed the tests for propranolol, an anti-anxiety drug used to prevent trembling in events such as shooting and archery. 1
13. For the adventurous the resort offers white river rafting, trekking, mountain biking, horse riding, archery, billiards, ice skating (in winter) and golf. 1
14. Gautam Buddha himself, is said to have been an ace at archery, chariot - racing, equitation and hammer - throwing. 1
15. He had to master horseback riding, Asian and western sword fighting techniques, and , of course, archery. 1
16. He won the third round of the Isle of Man archery League long metric three. 1
17. He's a hotshot at archery. 1
18. Hence, boxing, swordsmanship and archery of wushu developed and were widely practiced. 1
19. Her husband is an archery instructor. 1
20. Horse riding, pool, table tennis, archery and fishing are also available. 1
21. How did Robin Hood defeat the Sheriff in the archery contest? 1
22. I always miss the target in archery. 1
23. In addition, there are Wushu Festival, polo, horse riding, archery, Horse chopped 1988, the walking horse, Horse movement skills, motorbikes and other brilliant performance. 1
24. In Sydney Paraplegic Olympics, he won a medal in archery. 1
25. In Target archery Championships the athletes will be seeded into the FITA Match play Chart (see Appendix 11 of Book 1) according to the position reached in the Qualification Round. 1
26. It is said that tomorrow there will be an international archery competition in Beijing Shooting Range. 1
27. It was also considered that if someone had hours to wile away, they should be practicing their archery, not whacking at wooden balls with mallets. 1
28. King Edward I banned all sports but archery on Sundays, to make sure Englishmen practised with the longbow. 1
29. Langston, a sophomore at Mountain View High, started in archery when she first lived here. 1
30. Longshot: Mastering long range archery makes an army archer even more deadly. 1




  - the sport or skill of shooting with a bow and arrows, especially at a target.


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