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1. "Never before has Viking jewellery of this kind been found in northern Norway," said one local archaeologist, Inger Storli. 1
2. "The new find, together with other discoveries of recent years, shows that the city was considerably larger than what we previously estimated, " Yuval Baruch, Jerusalem district archaeologist, said. 1
3. "The Olmec sites have not been explored with the depth they deserve, " said Lynneth Lowe, an archaeologist at Mexico's National Autonomous University who participated in the dig. 1
4. A golden dagger dating to 3,000 BC, plus 500 golden ornaments, have been found in a Thracian tomb in central Bulgaria, an archaeologist said. 1
5. A lucky find in the Cotswolds is helping archaeologists discover what life was like in Roman Britain. 1
6. A team of 11 Chinese archaeologists will arrive in Kenya tomorrow to begin the search for an ancient shipwreck and other evidence of commerce with China dating back to the early 15th century. 1
7. About 10 { 3 years ago, archaeologists began to dig at Olympia. 1
8. According to Baruch, this is the first time that archaeologists have uncovered a building in the Jewish Quarter that belonged to the Roman legion. 1
9. According to the age of the grave , archaeologists determined that these slips to 278 BCE. 1
10. After the liturgical celebration Fr Alliata, archaeologist of the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum, explained the archaeological remains. 1
11. All this drew a predictably sceptical response from the archaeologists and historians, who hotly denied the existence of the Glastonbury Zodiac. 1
12. Although archaeologists have been exploring Egypt for some 200 years, Hawass says only a third of what lies underground in Saqqara has been discovered. 1
13. Although recently the Association has been enabled to take on some 250 full-time archaeologists, there is still an acute shortage. 1
14. Amateur archaeologist Semir Osmanagic recently announced that he has uncovered proof that a four-sided hill in the town of Visoko, Bosnia, is an ancient manmade structure. 1
15. An exquisitely preserved and elaborately tattooed mummy of a young woman has been discovered deep inside a mud-brick pyramid in northern Peru, archaeologists from Peru and the U.S. announced today. 1
16. Areas of woodland and permanent pasture are mapped together with built-up areas as inaccessible to archaeologists. 1
17. As an archaeologist, he works in the open all year round. 1
18. As the late afternoon sun slants down, I wander the ruins of Quispiguanca with Alan Covey, the archaeologist from SMU. 1
19. At first sight these distinctions may seem of little interest to the archaeologist. 1
20. Before any building work began County Durham archaeologists from the Bowes Museum wanted to make a thorough check of what was buried. 1
21. But he said archaeologists were struggling to keep up with looters, who often ransack ancient sites before the experts can get to them. 1
22. But in the areas where archaeologists and treasure hunters have good contacts, much information can and has been recovered. 1
23. Carbon dating provides the archaeologist with a basic chronological framework. 1
24. Carter: British archaeologist who worked in Egypt after 1890 and discovered ( 1922 ) the tomb of Tutankhamen. 1
25. Carved into the Valley of the Kings, Tut's tomb hid his mummy and funerary regalia until archaeologist Howard Carter revealed its contents to world acclaim in 1922. 1
26. Charlier is an archaeologist and forensic pathologist at the University of Paris; the face in his hands may as well be contorted in a grimace. 1
27. China's archaeologists are carefully considering ways to open the reliquary without damaging it or its contents. 1
28. Concluding remarks Scientific dating techniques, and none more than radiocarbon, have revolutionised the archaeologist's understanding of human cultural development. 0
29. Cosmeston medieval Village A deserted medieval village gradually being uncovered by archaeologists. 1
30. Each station has a cutaway wall, framed behind thick glass, showing the strata through which the archaeologists dug. 1





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