Appurtenance Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. As an appurtenance of telephone, this alarm equipment is used to be alarm device for private house protect based on telephone system. This website 1
2. As an appurtenance of telephone, this remote alarm equipment is used to be an alarm for private house protect based on the transmission of DTMF(Dual Tone Multiple frequency ). 1
3. Books and CDs are among the appurtenances of student life. 1
4. But the material particle DNA sharp separation purification to the ultra centrifugal equipment (supercentrifuge, turned the head with appurtenance) to set a higher request. 0
5. Consequently, Navassa became an American appurtenance - not quite a territory but still indisputably American. 1
6. Followed it, I select the model number throttle flap and appurtenance . 1
7. For a property that has appurtenance , the appurtenance shall be transferred with the property ownership. 2
8. From one overhead conveyor system comes the main body, and from others come various appurtenances. 1
9. He inherited the manor and all its appurtenances. 1
10. I remember that appurtenance in this forum can make very big. 1
11. It is by the main engine, CNC, the drive, the numerical control engine bed auxiliary unit, the programming machine and other some appurtenances is composed. 1
12. Person, have desire, the person's desire presents a stairs type to continuously rise, and is an appurtenance quality to the spirit. 1
13. Pierre came to pick them up in the long Mercedes and they piled in with all their bags and appurtenances. 1
14. Pressure Vessel's appurtenance and accessories : bursting discs, or safety valves, liquid level gages. 1
15. Purpose:To raise the diagnosis rate of vertebrae cervicales and lumber appurtenance fracture. 1
16. Safety guardrail is an important appurtenance to ensure traffic safety. 1
17. The high role of priests was symbolized by the precious substances lavished on their vestments and appurtenances. 1
18. The inner of the socket can be inserted with an auxiliary handle or a plurality of other accessories, and is convenient to install the appurtenance desired by work. 1
19. There will be some musical instrument appurtenance regarding guitars , violins and various new products in this commodity exhibition . 1
20. We design the flat jet mill by gas stream and the major appurtenance of disintegrator set such as air holder, distribution tank and cyclone separator, and select the compressor and bag filter. 1
21. What is included in the appurtenances of property is a question of fact. 1




appurtenances (plural noun)

  - an accessory or other item associated with a particular activity or style of living.


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