Appointment Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A background check is normally a preliminary to a presidential appointment. 1
2. A firm may also be restricted for a period from accepting certain types of new appointments without the committee's consent. 1
3. A man who holds a peerage by descent or appointment. 1
4. A month later, however, she returned, complaining of discomfort from the lesion and still awaiting her clinic appointment. 1
5. A properly compromise rated appointment system should be instituted by changing rigid management into flexible management, and the one-level system into a multilevel system. 1
6. A section at the end looks at relocation allowances offered to new recruits who have to move to take up an appointment. 1
7. A set of doveish appointments could soon dissipate the Fed's inflation - fighting credibility. 1
8. A sizeable proportion of the episcopal appointments recorded by Gregory are quite clearly uncanonical. 1
9. A small audit committee was elected and the appointments of Vial as Professor and Huntingford as secretary were formally confirmed. 1
10. A State Department spokesman, also displaying a talent for diplomacy, declined to characterize the appointment as a promotion. 1
11. A two-year course in a Soviet General Staff academy appears to be mandatory for those taking up senior appointment. 1
12. Abrams's White House appointment, however, required no congressional confirmation. 1
13. Absent was the fumbling that has accompanied previous Clinton appointments, from attorney-general to defense secretary and surgeon-general. 1
14. Access to care is controlled by the client, who can choose to keep or not keep appointments. 1
15. Accessories include a diary, an appointments schedule, calculator, calendar, to do list and a reminder facility. 1
16. According to preliminary count, include overseas market inside, this books already made an appointment with 6000 via work off, be about to republication . 1
17. According to the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, a tenure-track position is one that leads to a permanent professorial appointment and potentially full salary support if grant funding runs out. 1
18. Accountant appointment is an important measure adopted by the nations administrative departments of health to manage hospitals and to try out reform of the hospital accounting system. 1
19. Admission is free, by appointment only. 1
20. After a long delay, the agriculturist was finally granted an appointment by the minister of agriculture. 1
21. After an important doctor's appointment, he drove up to Camp Pendleton to have the deer put down. 1
22. After appointments in community service, she had joined the Navy. 1
23. After discharge, patients should attend weekly outpatient appointments, moving to fortnightly or monthly attendances as appropriate. 1
24. After his appointment to the Supreme Court in 1939, he was a frequent dinner guest at Dumbarton Avenue. 1
25. After Preston's death he received appointment as one of the regular justices of the newly established assize circuits in 1274. 1
26. After the appointment with somebody, I left no-good impress on others. 1
27. Agency commission covers advertising, arranging and confirming appointments, as well as some security when needed. 1
28. Agency may be created expressly by deed, writing or oral appointment. 1
29. Alarmed, Marjorie made an appointment to see the vet that evening. 1
30. Albright may announce additional appointments at her first State Department news conference Friday afternoon. 1





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