Anxious Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use anxious, so you can learn how to use anxious in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word anxious here, and see the words sound like or similar to anxious

# Sentence Times
1. " And what happened to their old man? " My companion asked anxiously. 1
2. "Am I boring you?" she asked anxiously. 1
3. "And this, " said she, "is the end of all his friend's anxious circumspection! 1
4. "Are you sure the raft is safe?" she asked anxiously. "Couldn't be safer," Max assured her confidently. 1
5. "Helen had something to eat before she left," put in Cecil anxiously. 1
6. "Investors are anxious about Vodafone's deals that were done five to seven years ago," a telecoms banker said. "The company has acquired a reputation as a poor transactor. 1
7. "Please come with me," she said in an anxious voice. 1
8. "Will he be all right?", Sabrina asked anxiously. 1
9. 12-29 There was an indrawn breath of horror from the audience and then the anxious and everlasting titter. 1
10. A cluster of people, all anxious to shake his hand, formed around the speaker. 1
11. A decent interval elapsed, during which we looked at each other rather anxiously. 1
12. A desperate tiredness set in after hours of anxious waiting. 1
13. A fair - haired, big - bellied man was watching Harry anxiously. 1
14. A friend of mine is a very anxious person. 1
15. A general anxiousness developed and increased, leading to a constriction of her normal activities. 1
16. A helpline has been set up for anxious parents. 1
17. A person, who is always anxious to render service unto the Supreme Lord Hari, as His eternal servitor, in all conditions of life is considered to be liberated even though within the material body. 1
18. A reliable source said Mr Milosevic was anxious for a deal, but only on the right terms. 1
19. A whole range of reactions to natural disasters is understandable anxiousness, dread or even resiliency. 1
20. A: People are very upset and very anxious. 1
21. Abroad they must be seen as great statesmen anxious to build peacemaking bridges between East and West. 1
22. Accordingly, this appoint also is lady-in-waiting all the time people be anxiouslied expect, hope thereby breaks away from abyss of misery, have a skyrocketing rise. 1
23. Across the country, anxious United Nations workers awoke to the thought that the long-awaited Khmer Rouge offensive had started. 1
24. Add to it any points that you may be particularly anxious to get right and discuss it together. 1
25. Adult greylag geese were more aloof and watched anxiously as their goslings joined in the competition for food. 1
26. After 25 years of economic growth it is anxious to show improvements in social well-being. 1
27. After a long and anxious spell, she recovered. 1
28. After all the delays, we were anxious to make up for lost time. 1
29. After an anxious wait, Audrey was told her father had died. 1
30. All stood anxiously waiting with camp cups in hand. 1

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