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1. A patient with influenza A(H1N1) appeared to show resistance to the antiviral drug, which has been used to prevent the virus spreading in communities. 1
2. A second important difference, when it comes to response capacity, is that we now have a wider armamentarium of possible interventions – antiviral medicines in addition to the potential for a vaccine. 1
3. Acryloyl substituted distamycin derivative, process for preparing them, and use as antitumor and antiviral agents. 1
4. Acyclovir(ACV), an antiviral agent of nucleoside, has highly selective activity against virus infective cells and virtually non-toxic to human normal cells. 1
5. AIM: To investigate the dosages of antiviral agent 17997 in experimental herpes simplex keratitis(HSK). 1
6. All of the resistant viruses carried the same H275Y mutation, indicating resistance to oseltamivir but susceptibility to the second antiviral drug, zanamivir. 1
7. All of these people, with the exception of pregnant women and infants, are receiving the antiviral drug, oseltamivir, for prophylactic purposes. 1
8. Amantadine is a tricyclic decane saturated amino derivatives, is the United States approved the first antiviral drug, primarily for the prevention and treatment of influenza. 1
9. An antiviral drug widely used to treat hepatitis B causes some people with HIV to become rapidly resistant to their medication, a new study suggests. 1
10. An immunocompromised cancer patient with Tamiflu-resistant A(H1N1, liquid form of the antiviral Relenza. 1
11. An immunocompromised cancer patient with Tamiflu-resistant A(H1N1) recovered after receiving intravenously an unlicensed, liquid form of the antiviral Relenza. 1
12. And many will have recovered well after treatment with an antiviral drug. 1
13. Both garlic and echinacea are antiviral and antibacterial and liquorice is a good immune system enhancer. 1
14. Brefeldin has been shown to be antiviral, antibiotic, antifungal, antitumor and herbicidal. 1
15. Cleudine is a pyrimidine analogue with potent and sustained antiviral activity against HB. 1
16. Clevudine is a pyrimidine analogue with potent and sustained antiviral activity against HBV. 1
17. Close to 1000 pandemic H1N1 viruses have been evaluated by the laboratories in the Global Influenza Surveillance Network for antiviral drug resistance. 1
18. CONCLUSION: IF is expensive in price and severe in side effects, still it is the most effective antiviral agent in treating hepatitis C at present . 1
19. Conclusion: The clinical effect of local intradermal injection or intercostal nerve block combined with antiviral therapy is evident on relief of herpes zoster pain and improvement of sleep quality. 1
20. Determining the true age distribution is crucial, as it will help set the policy for who should be first in line for vaccines and how to ration antiviral drugs if they are in short supply. 1
21. Distributive justice and the arrival of direct-acting antivirals: Who should be first in line? 1
22. Dry coughs in kids need to be treated with moistening antiviral and antibacterial herbs. 1
23. FM1 virus was dropped nasally in Kunming mice, then the animals were control intraperitoneally injected extract of Radix isatidis, the antiviral effects of Radix isatidis were observed. 1
24. For additional information, please see: antiviral treatment and chemoprophylaxis guidance. 1
25. For patients who are positive for seasonal influenza A(H1N1), the fallback antiviral regimen is rimantadine alone. 1
26. Ginger has antibacterial and antiviral effects, and it dilates the bronchial tube so you breathe more easily. 1
27. Ginger has antibacterial and antiviral effects,(sentence dictionary) and it dilates the bronchial tube so you breathe more easily. 1
28. He was diagnosed with H 5 N 1 infection, and survived only after receiving early antiviral treatment. 1
29. He was treated with a combination of antiviral drugs, sedatives and injectable anesthetics atheprotocol the. 1
30. Hepatology Digest: Apart from genotype, HCV RNA, and steatosis, are there any other factors that affect the antiviral outcome of hepatitis C? 1


[ˌan(t)ēˈvīrəl, ˌanˌtīˈvīrəl]


anti-viral (adjective)


antivirals (plural noun) · anti-viral (noun) · anti-virals (plural noun)

  - an antiviral drug or medicine.


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